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Can You Still Make a Living as a Creator, Online?

Yes, absolutely. Every day, new creators join the ranks of those making a living online.

Creators supplement their income with a “side hustle” or make enough money to quit their day job and become a full-time entrepreneur. Others scale even farther, hiring people to build teams so they can operate a fast-growing, high-margin online business at scale.

There is still so much opportunity to become a content creator online.

What is a creator, you ask? More and more, the term has been used to describe bloggers, vloggers, and ploggers (sorry podcasters, I couldn’t resist) along with social media influencers and musicians as well.

Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit, defines a creator this way:

A creator is any person who creates original work to teach, inspire, or entertain a dedicated audience of fans.

Always Be Launching is dead, but Always Be Teaching has only just begun.

If you’re willing to teach for transformation in your content, products, and your marketing, you can build a growing tribe of loyal students who will gladly pay you money for your expertise.

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