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wisdom into → wealth!

Start with my FREE crash course on how to Sell Your Smarts by building a thriving online education business 👇

Hey, I’m John Meese 👋

📚 Author of Survive and Thrive & Always Be Teaching

Would you like to turn your wisdom into wealth by building a thriving online education business?

I’d like to help! To get started, I’ve created a FREE Sell Your Smarts Crash Course for you:

Together, let's build wealth by inspiring a wiser world. Keep up the good work!


Here’s the Bad News:

We the people are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom and we need your help.

Most smart professionals spend decades building a wealth of knowledge and experience behind closed doors.

At best that wisdom is shared with a handful of clients—but eventually that wisdom is lost forever, leaving the rest of us grasping in the dark.

We need you to teach what you know to help us become healthier, wealthier, and happier!


Here’s the Good News:

The “Creator Economy” is more than a fad, with more than two million creators already making a six-figure income.

The internet is overflowing with influencers who have a "hot take" opinion, but painfully few actual experts have an online following (compared to prank videos with billions of views).

There is growing demand for smart professionals to teach online, building thriving online education businesses to help real people solve real problems.

What About You?

You’ve spent years slaving away to earn your expertise, but is your hard-won wisdom earning you the influence and income you desire?

I want to help you earn a lucrative living from lessons you've already learned!

Over the last decade, I've sent more than fifty million emails to more than one hundred thousand inboxes with my name in the “from.” If you count emails I’ve written “from” clients… I’ve sent billions to millions 🤯

By design, those emails have led to millions of dollars in online education product revenue for myself and my clients (via courses, coaching, books, masterminds, and memberships).

Sell Your Smarts: build a thriving online education business (Crash Course)

When you take this Crash Course, you’re getting the same insights that I teach to my $10K coaching clients, only instead delivered over email for FREE.

What are you waiting for?

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