Lij Shaw

Lij Shaw

"a beat up Chrome Book tattered at the edges, and held together with stickers"

I've been a friend, fan, and student of John R Meese for years. (Danny nice to meet you!)

It is so cool that John and Danny have launched "Unleash Your Blog". And it's good for all of us listeners too. John has a ton of knowledge to teach you about launching, growing, and trnsforming your blog into a viable online business. (And as I listen I can hear that clearly so does Danny.)

On the podcast John shares honestly about his transformation from going in many directions with his blog to finding laser focus with his mission. I know... Because I remember when he went from a million things going on to focusing in on the one thing that mattered most, launching his business.

John started his blog as a hobby, then began building the blog to create income, and finally transformed the whole thing beautifully into a successful online business. I know... Because I saw it happen in real time.

I knew John when he was working his tail off full time at Chik Fil A, renting a tiny house with his wife, dreaming of growing their family, and typing away on a beat up Chrome Book tattered at the edges, and held together with stickers. Meanwhile, he was creating elegant blog posts each week, like they were meant to hang on the wall of an art muesuem.

John was driven and passionate from the start to help people (like me) get better at our blogging, and productivity. He was passionate about teaching us how to make our websites look elegant. He was passionate about growing a devoted audience and being a great steward.