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🎟️ Your Special Day

It’s been said that you can tell what people prioritize by looking at their calendar and their checkbook (although today, both are digital). Think: how can you get your product in both your customer’s calendar and their checkbook?

Building a product is hard work. Not just the mechanics of it, but the psychological battles around putting your heart into something people may or may not pay you for. Many people publish a product and then leave it, hoping people will buy. But can you imagine your potential customer’s experience?

Day 1, it’s a blip on their radar.

Day 2, they might notice that it’s shiny and new.

Day 3, they forget all about it, distracted by the next new thing.

The easiest way to make sure people know your product is coming, and won’t forget, is to plan a date when your new product will launch—and announce it! As you get close to your launch date, build momentum and energy. Share a sneak peak, behind-the-scenes look at what you are building and invite questions and feedback along the way. You just created a new thing that never existed before. Celebrate that, shout it from the (digital) rooftops, and make it impossible for anyone to miss your message!

When Apple releases a new product, they have a line of excited customers waiting to purchase, often camped out for hours before. Do you think these people just happened to show up? No! The launch event has been on their calendar for weeks. Similarly, as you’re building your own product offerings, you need to make an event of the product release. Here’s how:

  1. Let people know it’s coming
  2. Tease the process
  3. Shout it from the (digital) rooftops
  4. Add some fun to the mix

Once your launch date hits, make it a true launch event, even if it is only digital, and add some fun to the mix with limited bonus prizes available to the first customers who buy. Focus on getting that one sale, then 10, then 100. Celebrate every one, and welcome these new customers publicly to the party so other people want to join in too.