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How to Turn Your Wisdom Into Wealth by Building a Thriving Online Education Business

You have mastered so much already in such a short amount of time!

Just like my 2-year-old… 😳 “I am sexy! I am so sexy right there…”

I can’t say for sure where Myron learned to say that (my wife has a hunch) but you have to admit he’s already mastered the art of self-affirmation pretty well.

In fact, Myron has mastered all kinds of things you and I take for granted, like eating with a fork, brushing his teeth, and dodging his brothers… what about you?

I bet you’ve mastered many things you don’t even realize anymore.

What do friends and family ask you about, when they need help?

What are you passionate about? What do you spend your free time learning and doing?

Your Obsession = Your Opportunity

Kat Norton is not afraid of Pivot Tables or VLOOKUP. She turned her love of spreadsheets into a thriving online education business under the name “Miss Excel” and earned the title Microsoft MVP.

Drew Carson is an experienced software engineer as well as a new dad. He is currently growing a Build & Code Club for kids to learn real programming skills while they play Minecraft online!

Tom Fishburne turned his love of drawing, comedy, and business into a TED talk and a thriving business which I just paid $100 to feature a copy of this cartoon:

Focus your obsession to tap into transformational power much like a magnifying glass can focus the sun’s energy into a powerful beam.

Personally, I’ve been obsessed with online education businesses for years. As soon as I knew they existed, I’ve been following, studying, and building my own (nearly a decade so far).

That obsession led to my Seven Figure School framework which I use to help experts turn wisdom into wealth.

What is wealth, exactly? It’s not the same thing as money. I like Naval Ravikant’s definition:

What about wisdom? That’s actually a very simple formula:

Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience

Knowledge without experience is known as “book smarts” and typically hoarded by armchair philosophers and politicians.

Experience without knowledge is known as “street smarts” and is often racked up by criminals and venture-backed entrepreneurs.

Where you have both book smarts and street smarts, you are wise.

Where you have wisdom, you can share insight (which is information filtered through wisdom).

Where that insight can offer a real solution to a real problem for real people, you can make a compelling promise that will attract paying customers… and create wealth!

Said another way:

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom + Information = Insight + Promise = Products + Customers = Wealth

That is a rather lengthy equation, so I usually just suggest you turn your wisdom into wealth. It’s a simpler concept 😏

In nearly every subject, you still know much more than Myron. Because of the curse of knowledge, you probably don’t know how much you already know—because you know it already… you know?

Still, my goal is to help you turn your real-world expertise into exponential income on the internet (even if you think most of your combination of knowledge and expertise is boring or obvious).