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🤔 Why You Started

You are here for a reason. Not just here on this planet (though that is true too) but here reading this guide. At some point, in the not-too-distant past, you downloaded this guide and I believe that's because you desire more.

You are called to a life of influence, independence, and income. Those three are inextricably intertwined and those motivators are what draw people to creating personal platforms online.

It may have been a while since you got in touch with why you got started. You’re focused on the detailed work of building your audience and creating content, but when was the last time you revisited why you began?

Every so often, you need to dust those dreams off and revisit your “why”. We all need that. Gail Hyatt (Michael Hyatt’s wife), often says:

"You lose your way when you lose your why."

How Do You Get Your Why Back?

Take some time today to remember why you are doing this. Here are 10 questions to guide your reflection process:

Question #1: What inspired you to become a creator in the first place? Is there something in particular that draws you to this prospect you can’t find somewhere else?

Question #2: How do you want your success to impact you personally? How about your family and those closest to you in your personal life?

Question #3: Do you anticipate that a successful online business could change your job or carer prospects? What are you hoping for?

Question #4: Does your desire for influence draw you to the industry you currently work in, one adjacent, or something entirely different?

Question #5: If you could snap your fingers and jump ahead to five years from now, what success would you have achieved between now and then?

Question #6: In terms of your ability to work where you want, when you want, and on what you want, how do you hope your success will affect your independence?

Question #7: What about your ability to influence others? How do you want to change the lives of those who follow you online?

Question #8: Now consider your financial future. How do you want your income potential to change because of your work as a creator?

Question #9: The last three questions relate to three common motivations that drive people to become creators: Independence, income, and influence. How would you rank those three factors in importance for yourself from first to last? You’ll have to make choices with tradeoffs, so get crystal-clear on your priorities here.

Question #10: Five years from now, how do you want your online audience growth to affect your career? Would you like to quit your job and work for yourself full-time or leverage your influence to pursue promotion within your company or one similar?

Once you’ve got clear on your “why”, keep that front-and-center in your mind and charge forward with renewed energy in the good work ahead.