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We Need Help 😱

We the people… need help!

Groceries are getting more expensive, just as we were getting used to seeing fully stocked shelves once again.

Gas prices have doubled since 2020, just when we were getting used to leaving the house or neighborhood to travel again.

Mass layoffs are sweeping the nation, just after we got used to the disruption caused by the “Great Resignation.”

Elon Musk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs on (or off) the planet told his executive team to layoff 10% of salaried staff because he has a “super bad feeling” about the economy right now. He’s not alone.

Both the stock market decline and the rise of inflation are the worst we’ve seen in the US in more than forty years (in other words, the worst in my lifetime).

Cryptocurrency, one of the most promising innovations of our era, just received a resounding slap in the face to the tune of $2 trillion in wealth evaporated while multi-billion-dollar crypto companies went bankrupt or simply disappeared.

Last but not least, please don't forget that Russia and Ukraine are at war!

We the people are stressed, scared, and overwhelmed. We need help.

I've Got 99 Problems, But...

Wherever you look, there are too many problems for you and I to solve on our own.

I find some encouragement in Fred Rodgers's childhood story about advice from his mom:

When I was a boy I would see scary things in the news, and my mother would say to me "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

So I looked around, and you know what I found? I see helpers everywhere:

Full Disclosure: Neal and Dr. Sunil are members of my Thrive School Accelerator program, and I'm an equity-based advisor for Enjoyco too.

You and I cannot simultaneously dive in and understand the intricate details of what's going on in every complex industry that intersects with your daily life.

You need to pick an area to specialize in, and build your expertise in that one area to turn pro. For the rest? You need to find someone to trust.

That's why it's so crucial that experts who have real-world experience in their field are teaching what they know, online–sharing their insight with people who need it.

That's why I'm helping experts turn wisdom into wealth by building thriving online education businesses. It's for the sake of the world.

For too long, real-world experts have had their wisdom locked behind closed doors—at best, helping people 1-on-1.

Thanks to the internet, you and I now have access to the best experts in every industry anywhere on the planet, all the time–but what about you?

As an entrepreneur, your job is to create real solutions to real problems for real people. Well guess what?

More than 7 million people from 194 countries voted in a UN poll ranking the problems they wanted solved first, and education was the #1 choice–more than crime or corruption or access to food & clean drinking water!

Will you accept the opportunity of the internet, and share your wisdom by teaching online?

Will you turn your real-world expertise into exponential influence by building an online education business?

I hope so. We the people are counting on it.