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Why You Need to Unplug Once a Year

Why You Need to Unplug Once a Year

Entrepreneurs aren't typically the type to choose rest over work on a day-to-day basis. It's easy to forget how draining life is when you're constantly plugged into the web.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent three days at a monastery in West Virginia.

My phone was turned off. I didn't bring my laptop. I was completely disconnected from social media, email, and the rest of the outside world.

When was the last time you went a full day without going online?

I went on a similar retreat last year, and plan to do the same every year from now on.

The entrepreneur's life is filled with hustle. I don't think that will ever end. It's easy to get caught up in the mindset of “I can't stop now, I have to keep moving or I won't reach my dream!

But when you and I do that, we're cutting ourselves short.

“Getting unplugged has its costs, but the rewards are worth more than lost money or time.”

Reward #1: Increased Focus

Since I came back from my trip, it's been easier for me to stay focused on one task for an extended period of time.

The human brain has grown to crave constant stimulus, and every pause in activity is met only with a jump for the next new distraction.

The constant demands of the inter-connected world wear on your ability to focus. Backing away from that for a few days allows your mind a chance to enjoy life at its natural pace.

Reward #2: Enhanced Clarity

On the seven-hour drive back home, I thought long and hard about my current commitments, and what needs to go.

Taking a step back from the day-to-day hustle puts everything in perspective, making it easier to see what's important—and what's definitely not.

Life has an ongoing tension between demands on your energy and time. Taking the chance to evaluate those demands is crucial to keeping balance in your life.

Reward #3: Refreshed Energy

While I was at the monastery, I worked on a goat pen and other projects around the grounds. The work was hard, but it was different from life here at home.

Despite the fact that I worked every day I was gone, I came back refreshed with a new energy I'd been missing for months.

“Even chasing a dream becomes work, when it's the same hustle day after day.”

Making the commitment to unplug once a year isn't easy, but it's one of the best decisions I've made for the well-being of my business and family.

Question: Will you commit to unplug once a year?