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🔁 This Is How You Grow

In the not-so-distant past, there was a time when you had never heard of Dropbox—and then suddenly, you couldn’t avoid it.

Colleagues and friends began sharing Dropbox folders, asking you to upload files to Dropbox, or inviting you to create an account.

Sound familiar? Well, it wasn’t just you.

Between September 2008 and January 2010, Dropbox skyrocketed from one hundred thousand to four million registered users (that’s 3900% growth in just 15 months). They’ve since surpassed 500 million registered users—that’s 1 in fifteen people alive on the planet.

That growth wasn’t an accident. Would you also like 3900% growth?

Grow Your Audience Like DropBox

What Dropbox did has been documented extensively, and modeled by countless companies across industries from financial services to travel lodging to mobile gaming.

PayPal, Airbnb, Candy Crush, and countless others all used the same growth technique: they created a viral loop.

Every time a new user signed up for Dropbox, they were seeking cloud storage, and they were immediately prompted to “Get More Space” by inviting their friends to use Dropbox as well.

This worked incredibly well, creating an army of customers working tirelessly to grow Dropbox; an army that grew in size as each wave of new referrals signed up. That’s the key to a successful viral loop.

To create a viral loop for your platform, you would want to publish one email magnet that people could see, optin, and then immediately have a reason to share.

Like Dropbox, you need more than just a share button, you need a secondary reward a subscriber can get for their share. But if you can get this right, the growth cycle will feed itself after an initial nudge.

The Search For High-Leverage Growth

The reality is, you’re incredibly busy and you don’t have the time or resources to grow your email list 1-by-1 for long.

When you’re just getting started, that’s a phenomenal strategy, but it gets old pretty fast.

To scale your audience growth, you need to identify growth opportunities that leverage your energy, requiring very little front-end work to get a lot of growth in return.

Viral loops are a high-leverage growth strategy, but for companies like Dropbox, they come with a massive investment in software & analytics to pull the strategy off.

Lucky for you, Growth Tools created a viral loop software for your platform—and they're giving it away for free.

Appropriately, it’s called GoViral. It’s a plug-and-play software designed to turn any landing page into a referral generation machine:

Here’s how to use GoViral yourself:

  1. Identify your primary email magnet, and ask yourself “What’s next?”
  2. Create a secondary resource that complements your email magnet, taking the promised transformation up a notch.
  3. Create a GoViral landing page with your secondary resource as the reward.
  4. Make that landing page the optin confirmation page on your form in ConvertKit, so every new subscriber lands there.