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The Difference Between This Year and Last Year

The Difference Between This Year and Last Year

This year is quickly coming to an end. Just a couple of weeks, and it’ll be Christmas. One week later the year will be 2016! It's crazy to think about, isn't it?

Just like me, I’m sure the impending new year has you thinking―was 2015 the year that I hoped it to be?

For most of us, that answer is no.

This year, you wanted more. You had goals in mind back in January. Goals that probably included:

  1. Losing some weight,
  2. Saving more money, and
  3. Spending more time with your loved ones.

One full year later, have you seen the progress you should expect from a full 12 months?

What Happened in 2015

For many years of my life, I had a big picture in my head of what life could look like―but when it came to execution, I was totally lost.

This year was 100% different.

This year I set goals to launch my first video course, generate my first $20,000 in revenue, read 20 books, and make my first hire for the MeeseWorks team.

I excelled beyond each of those goals a full month before the end of the year.

The difference between 2015 and every year that came before was that this year I took goal planning more seriously, and utilized resources I'd never paid attention to before.

Your Opportunity in 2016

You've likely heard the stats: only 8% of people achieve their New Year's resolutions, and on average people make the same resolution ten times.

This year, you may have been part of that 92% who failed to meet their goals―but that doesn't have to be true in 2016.

You owe it to yourself to do better―even more, you owe it to those you love most.

“Take on this new year with the focus that your future deserves.”

Goal-setting and life-planning aren't taught in school―but I learned last year that they are taught online.

In fact, this week the best resources for evaluating where you, clarifying where you'd like to be, and mapping out the steps in between are available for free:

  1. Use the LifeScore™ Assessment to get a numerical score on each area of your life,
  2. Learn what the highest achievers do different around this time of year, and
  3. Clearly identify which life you're choosing to live.

That last resource caught me off guard.

It’s a video from Michael Hyatt which talks about three different approaches to life.

I’ve seen the drifting life many times before (you probably have to):

Swept up in the current, you’re not consciously choosing your destination. You do what needs to be done, as it comes up, but most days just staying afloat is enough.

I’m not a drifter―I thought that meant I was okay. But the truth is I’m living a driven life (and apparently that’s equally bad):

You take great pride in setting and achieving your goals. You’re so driven in one area, that you often neglect the needs of the rest!

Looking back at the 2015 goals I accomplished, I see a workaholic’s success story―what’s missing are goals around family, friendship, faith, and fun.

That’s why this (free) resource is so important. Michael shares what he calls “The Designed Life”, and the foundational questions he asks to set each year up for success.

I encourage you to start with one of these resources and take control of your life starting today.

In between work, sleep, and chores you're life is headed somewhere―are you in control?