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Six Simple Ways to Practice Thankfulness in Daily Life

Six Simple Ways to Practice Thankfulness in Daily Life

Life can be hectic, filled with the busyness of jumping from one project to the next. So often, blessings pass by before we even take them in. What would life be like if we practiced thankfulness—every single day?

This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US. Its a time for family and friends to gather around a good meal and spend time together. It's also a time to reflect on our blessings and be grateful for the life that we have.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving only comes once a year.

But what if we could change that fact?

“What if every day was a day of thanksgiving? Of gratefulness?”

A daily sense of gratitude could improve your life, but it sure won't happen on accident.

If you want to practice thankfulness, you'll have to choose to pursue it. Here are six simple ways to make that happen:

  1. Thank Someone. Make it a point to say “thank you” to at least one person each day. Better yet, be specific and let them know you're grateful for them being a good friend, helping you out, or just being real.
  2. Give Something. Whether a compliment, some spare change, or buying someone's lunch, generosity tends to yield a sense of gratitude—oddly enough, for both the recipient and the one who gives.
  3. Seek Out Beauty. Awe-inspiring moments are all around us, but we miss them every day. Take a moment to look around you, and find some beauty to soak in and enjoy. Research shows you'll be more grateful, patient, and even generous with your time.
  4. Count Your Blessings. Perhaps the phrase is a bit overdone, but the message rings true. Start each day by writing down something for which you are grateful, beginning each line with “I am thankful for…”. When you write them, the words will sink in and start changing the way that you think.
  5. Focus on Joy. There are plenty of interruptions each day that could derail your sense of thankfulness, or perhaps lead to complaints. Every time you're faced with chaos, you get to choose your response. Dismiss the negative, focus on the positive, and you'll be happier and more grateful, too.
  6. Use Empowering Vocabulary. Words have power over the way you think and act. Make the choice to use empowering phrases like “I get to” instead of “I have to” and the subtle switch will shape the way you think of each task.

Individually, each of these is a simple way to instill thankfulness in your daily life. Together, they are even stronger.

“A daily dose of thankfulness is within your reach. All you have to do is take it in.”

What is one thing you are thankful for today?