Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One)

Every Entrepreneur Has a Dream...

Successful entrepreneurs have a plan.

Survive and Thrive is the step-by-step guide you need to create a thriving business. Build an unshakable core in your business that will ensure your entrepreneurial success no matter what curveballs the future holds!

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Most small businesses fail—no matter how the economy is doing. Here’s how you can be the exception.

2020 was a rough year for entrepreneurs. Over 100,000 businesses permanently closed across the U.S. alone.

The worst part? Statistically, most of those businesses were likely to close in the near future whether a pandemic happened or not:

  • 20% of small businesses fail within their first year of business in the US.
  • 50% of all businesses don't last five years
  • Only 33% of all businesses last 10 years or more

This is why dreams of entrepreneurship are greeted with awkward silence and side-eye from friends and family. Entrepreneurs may have built the incredible world we live in, but most of their stories still end with broken dreams and bankruptcies.

If you want to become an exception to the rule, you need a better way to build your business.

“I wish this book was around when I first started my entrepreneurial journey.” — Pat Flynn, Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

Survive and Thrive finally gives you a three-part plan for building (or re-building) a business with legs that will last for the long haul. From Day One, you’ll be able to:

  • Reach more people with a bulletproof marketing plan
  • Generate more revenue with a simple sales engine
  • Unlock higher profits with healthy financial practices

Most importantly, you’ll understand how to do so in any economy—pandemic or not!

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NOT Just Another Business Book

Typically, two types of people write business books:

  1. Academics with no entrepreneurial experience
  2. Entrepreneurs with repackaged platitudes

Survive and Thrive is different. John Meese is a traditionally trained economist turned serial entrepreneur with actual experience building thriving small businesses. That means you’re getting…

Practical Research

In Survive and Thrive, John simplifies the core economic forces you need to understand when starting a business in the post-pandemic world today.

Tested Strategies

You’ll get insights from John's experience building thriving three businesses from scratch, along with consulting for multiple Inc. 5000 clients behind the scenes.

Custom Tools

The book’s custom ThriveScore assessment helps you evaluate your business and shore up the key areas that need improvement, to put your playbook into practice!

About The Author

John Meese is an economist-turned-entrepreneur on a personal mission to eradicate generational poverty by helping entrepreneurs create thriving businesses.

John is a bestselling author and a strategic advisor to several successful privately held companies.

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No Matter What Industry You’re In, There’s an Entrepreneur Recommending Survive and Thrive

This is a futurist book. I especially like the insight into how there will be no V-shaped recovery after COVID, and that things will not go back to what they were before (we didn't after 9/11, and we won't after COVID).

Another key takeaway for me: Choosing the path of entrepreneurship means choosing a path of problems for the rest of your career. I've been quoting that line to my audience since I read it. Highly recommended title.

The hardest part of starting a business is actually starting. Survive and Thrive helps you avoid the trap of “procrastilearning,” (reading and researching from dozens of sources without making real progress) by giving you everything you need to get started in a single, easy-to-digest book. You can survive and even thrive… and today's a great day to start!

Survive and Thrive is a recipe for success for any entrepreneur. John has applied these foundational principles in his own businesses and knows first-hand how to ensure your vision and passion become a reality. Every business owner and operator needs this as a handbook now more than ever.”

“Are you struggling to adapt your old business to the new market and grow despite an uncertain economy? Buy this book, put these principles to work, and you’re already on the right track.”

“Too many entrepreneurs rely on a booming economy or favorable external circumstances for their business success, but everyone knows this doesn’t last forever. If you’d like to build a business that can survive and even thrive when the going gets tough (and it will), then you need this book.

“This book provides a step-by-step plan to help you reach more people, make sales, and enjoy more profit, regardless of what the ‘economy’ is doing. Does it feel like times are tough? Survive and Thrive slices through the clutter and helps entrepreneurs build stronger-than-ever businesses while making the world a better place.”

“When times are challenging, it is easy for the would-be entrepreneur to slide down into dejection, certain that all effort is futile. John Meese’s new book Survive and Thrive is the antidote to passive languor. It is a surefire call-to-action that omits all those cliched motivational slogans and guides the reader into the specific activities that will build a business. Not only will it put a bounce in your step and set your chin to a jaunty new jut, Survive and Thrive will tell you just what to do today to reach your destination tomorrow.”

“The world has changed yet again, and as an entrepreneur, you must rise to the occasion. John’s book gives you a step-by-step plan to serve the new market in a new way. Your business is about to be stronger than ever.”

“Survive and Thrive provides timeless information about starting a business from scratch, but at exactly the right time. Having gone through a layoff myself in 2008, I know exactly how important each and every lesson John shares is, and I wish this book was around when I first started my entrepreneurial journey. Step by step, genuine, and highly recommended.”

“As John says, there is no shortage of opportunity today, but there is a shortage of execution. If you can focus on creating real solutions to real problems for real people, you’ll have a clear advantage in
the marketplace. Survive and Thrive can show you how.”


John Meese is the author of the #1 bestseller Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One). An entrepreneur himself, John is on a mission to eradicate generational poverty by equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to build thriving businesses from scratch. He is the CEO of Cowork.Inc, co-founder of Notable, and host of the Thrive School podcast.