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How to Build Your Own Seven Figure School ($1MM from 3 Products)

How to Build Your Own Seven Figure School ($1MM from 3 Products)

What if you could make a lucrative living while genuinely helping people by sharing life lessons you’ve already learned?

What if you could do that while working with a small, supportive team and living anywhere in the world?

Doesn’t that sound nice?

I can personally assure you that it feels nice 😎

I remember the first time I made SWISS dollars (the term my friend Dan Miller coined for “Sales While I Sleep Soundly”).

I sold my first online course in 2015, and woke up the next day to see two 💰Cha-ching! notifications for $247 each, and then another $327 sale while I worked out at the gym.

Each 💰Cha-ching! meant I got to help someone new—but it also meant freedom because my wife was 30 weeks pregnant with our firstborn son at the time!

My wife was a full-time teacher in a traditional school, which meant she worked incredibly long hours with students who usually didn’t want to be there, and she was paid very little (but always had to work late).

By the time our son Damien was born, I too was a full-time teacher—only I was running an online school I created, where I worked when I wanted with students who eagerly paid me directly to learn!

Building an online education business changed my life (and spoiled me so I couldn’t go back to old-fashioned work).

I get to live my kinda rich and stop selling my time.

I’ve now spent the better part of a decade building online education businesses for clients, and coaching thousands of professionals through the process as well—with a mixed bag of success.

Some experts take to online education quickly, building thriving online businesses with millions of dollars in revenue (nearly all profit)!

Many more professionals try and fail, spending money and time toiling away on the internet without any measurable or lasting success.

I watched hundreds of entrepreneurs go broke or give up and shut everything down, walking away from their dream.

These were all smart & talented people, experts of varying levels in completely different industries (and there are plenty of 17-year old “influencers” with no expertise still making money online).

Why do some experts make a lucrative living on the internet, while others struggle to break even on their money or time?

I had to know, so I started searching for patterns, and here’s what I found:

  1. The most successful online education businesses are led by an expert with years of real-world experience in their industry, oftentimes offline.
  2. Most creators quit before they make $100K online (but less than 10% of creators cross that milestone in the first two years).
  3. If you can make $100K through online education, you can make $1 million (this is anecdotal, but I've seen it over and over again).

With that in mind, I'm helping my clients build what I call a "Seven Figure School."

A Seven Figure School is a thriving online education business led by one expert that generates one million dollars in annual revenue from three core products, with support from a small team.

I discovered this three product framework as I was interviewing successful entrepreneurs for Survive and Thrive which is why it got a full dedicated section (Chapter 6).

Some experts create dozens of products or just a few–but over and over again I saw successful businesses built around these three:

Top to bottom: Flagship, Membership, and Gateway products

Yes, you can sell more than three products but you don't need to.

You can generate one million dollars in annual revenue from just three products. Consider this revenue roadmap:

PRO Tip: Sell Your Flagship First. Most people start from the bottom by selling a low-priced Gateway Product and suffer death by a thousand ebooks where they burnout before they see any meaningful profit. Instead, make a premium promise with 10X ROI and sell your Flagship Product until you've crossed $100K (without any other offer).

In my accelerator program I help each expert dial in their price and promise for each product, which means the number of sales for each product shifts up or down to keep the one million dollar total.

Whether or not you pay for my programs, I recommend you do the same.

A Seven Figure School allows you to make a lucrative living while genuinely helping people—and you'll get to do it anywhere on the planet, with the support of a small team!

By the way, my wife is once again a full-time teacher... only now she teaches the three coolest students on the planet (yes, those are our kids).