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🗣️ Rise Above The Noise

Throughout the 20th century, many things changed to create a globally connected world.

The invention of the airplane drastically shortened travel distances, and radio broadcasts meant Geography barely mattered for communication at all.

Each of those inventions radically changed the international landscape—but still, they seem small in comparison to the global connection possible because of the “World Wide Web”.

WiFi took this connection further, and smartphones shifted our global connection from an occasional opportunity to constant connection.

Despite all those changes, one thing has not changed: it’s a noisy world out there, and it takes work to get heard.

You Need to Rise Above The Crowd

200 years ago, you would have stood on an elevated platform to get heard (at times a literal soapbox, which is where the term “on a soapbox” came from).

Today, you still need to stand on a platform—but the modern platform is a personal brand, your digital connection to an audience all over the world.

But How Do You Build a Platform?

When you decide to build your own platform, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are thousands of tips, tricks, and how-tos from gurus trying to teach you how to do it right.

If you follow half their advice, you’ll be chasing likes, comments, and followers on social media 24/7, posting pictures of your perfect (filtered) life wearing name-brand clothes for sponsored posts.

This approach isn’t sustainable. If you hit it big, you might ride the success for a year, but it’s not going to last.

Don’t Worry, There's A Better Way

After investing years working with thousands of platform building students I’ve discovered that there are consistent patterns to success.

If you pay attention long enough and focus on the people who’ve actually made this work, it turns out there are only five pieces to the platform puzzle at the end of the day.

Puzzle Piece #1 - Magnetic Brand Personality

Puzzle Piece #2 - Independent Home Base

Puzzle Piece #3 - Engaged Email List

Puzzle Piece #4 - Strategic Social Outposts

Puzzle Piece #5 - Profitable Flagship Product

If you focus on building these five pieces well, you’ll establish a powerful platform which you can use to rise above the crowd and get your message heard.