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How a Professional Blog Can Help You Achieve Your Dream

How a Professional Blog Can Help You Achieve Your Dream

Believe it or not, blogging could be the key practice that makes your dream a reality. Many people know that, but think it's because of the money. I'm here to tell you, it's about so much more than that.

I don't know much about you, but I know one thing: you have a dream.

That dream is made up of the family, lifestyle, and career you've always wanted (but aren't sure you'll ever really have).

If you want to be one of the few who achieve that dream, you need to start blogging today.

I’ve been regularly blogging since July 2013, my motivation ranging everywhere from “cool hobby” to “please make me rich.”

It took me two years to realize how shallow my motivation really was.

I've since refocused on helping people take back their dreams—and come to the conclusion that starting a blog is a must-do first step.

A blog is a powerful outlet for expressing a worldview. It's easy to setup, and can spread your worldview to places you'll never physically reach.

In my experience, there are three key ways that a blog can help you along the path toward achieving the dream you're after.

1. Blogging Hones Your Thought Process

First and foremost, this comes from the writing process.

Sitting down to articulate your thoughts, actions, and goals is incredibly powerful when you do it every single week.

That power is amplified when you publish to the world.

Want to tell the ridiculous and profound thoughts apart? Share both, and see which ones stick.

Opening yourself up to the world’s view makes it easier to clarify what ideas you should keep (and which ones are not going to last).

2. Blogging Helps You Find Your Tribe

As humans, we’re naturally tribal people.

We love communing with people who think and act like ourselves. That’s always been true.

As Seth Godin points out in Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us,

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.

With technology at our disposal today, the communication piece is easy—and a blog is the perfect avenue for defining an interest, which many other people share.

As your thoughts spread, your tribe will gather.

Your tribe is already out there—waiting for someone (THAT'S YOU) to champion their common cause. Your tribe is already out there—waiting for someone (THAT'S YOU) to champion their common cause.

3. Blogging Provides Accountability

If you're serious about that dream life you're after, this may be the most important piece yet.

Once you commit to consistent content, and share pieces of your journey along the way, you'll feel it the minute you start to slack off.

If you stop posting, that knowledge will haunt you as inaction lets your aspirations slip away.

Before long, others will chime in—asking what keeps you from moving forward (and oftentimes offering their help).

If you want more out of life you need your own blog.

And not just a hobby-blog. Make this professional—this is the face of your dream!

You need to invest if you're committed to achieving real results.

Question: How else could a blog help you make progress toward achieving your dream?