Turn Your Wisdom Into Wealth (With My Help) by Going PRO

Has anyone ever told you that you have a "wealth of knowledge" or that "your network is your net worth"?

That's excellent! Only... do you know how to convert your real-life experiences into cold, hard cash?


How the average person grows their net worth

The average person wants more money, so they work longer hours, hope for a raise, or raise their hourly rate—but none of that works.

At the end of the day, as long as your income is attached to your input… you are selling your life!

What are you working towards? What is your end goal?

The average person is trying to save enough money to go from a 40 (or 60) hour work week to a ZERO hour work week, and retire.

But that pot of gold is poison… because according to official US Social Security research the sooner you retire, the sooner you die.

That's what the average person is chasing–but you're not average. Are you?

How I narrowly escaped mediocrity and went PRO

I got a degree in Economics while working at a research lab, on the PhD path to teach economic theory at some fancy university where I’d get a “competitive salary” and maybe some paid time off.

I was the first college graduate in my family, chasing the average American dream! If I was still on that path right now... I’d be hoping for “tenure” so I could never get laid off. What a waste!

Thankfully, I stumbled on an emerging trend of people selling books, courses, and membership sites online and I went all in.

(Me running my online education business with my son Damien in 2015)

I sold my first online course in 2015, and woke up the next day to see two 💰Cha-ching! notifications for $247 each–and then another $327 sale while I worked out at the gym!

Each 💰Cha-ching! meant I got to help someone new—but it also meant freedom because my wife was 30 weeks pregnant with our firstborn son at the time.

I made enough money for my wife and I to each quit our day jobs, so I could focus on building my online education business along with my new role as father, and my wife got to love and teach our children (3 sons now) full-time.

Building a thriving online education business changed my life (and spoiled me so I couldn’t go back to old-fashioned work). But it's not just me:

I can’t wait to feature your success story too!

I’ve now spent the better part of a decade building online education businesses for clients, and coaching thousands of professionals through the process as well.

I get to help people like you go PRO with a simple system to teach real people to solve real problems—and make the world a better place.

You’ve already done the hard work of collecting knowledge and experience in your industry, obtaining a level of specialized wisdom most people don't have (you may not realize this, but I can help you unpack your expertise–it's definitely true).

I would love to help you turn that wisdom into wealth by building your own online education business—that’s why I created Thrive School PRO!

How would you like to learn how to…

  • Build a thriving online education business based on your personal background?
  • Turn your real-world experience into digital products that fund your six figure income?
  • Develop sales systems that support your lifestyle, so you make sales while you sleep?

You’ll unlock all that when you join Thrive School PRO!

Turn your wisdom into wealth by building your own thriving online education business–unlock exponential income and infinite influence from your real-world expertise.

Join Thrive School PRO to turn your wisdom into wealth by building your own thriving online education business and get on-demand access to:

  1. PRO Community. Build your business alongside professional peers with similar goals.
  2. PRO Courses. Learn how to earn $10K in 30 days from one product offer.
  3. PRO Tactical Guides. Get the "missing manuals" to foolproof your inevitable success.
  4. PRO Coaching. LIVE Q&A calls to make sure you never stay stuck for long.

Not sure if you’re ready?

That’s okay! Because of our Safety Net Guarantee, you can just Try Thrive School PRO for 30 days just to see if it works for you.

If it does, you’ll be delighted at your new ability to use your “wealth of knowledge” to fund your lifestyle and you'll enjoy your exponential income and infinite influence.

If that’s not your experience, simply send me a message within your first month of membership and I will refund every penny you paid me (I’ll even cover the cost of your refund processing fee). That's my Safety Net Guarantee.

Your decision (two ways to pay)

At this point, it's decision time. Are you ready?

The path to profit is wide open, but there is a conversion cost to turning your wisdom into wealth, and you can choose how to pay:

  1. Years
  2. Dollars

The average person prefers to spend years building a business (or thinking about it) which is why I write a weekly newsletter that thousands of people enjoy free of charge.

Some people can’t afford to wait, and prefer to spend extra dollars to expedite the process (which is why I lead a 12-week accelerator program for $10,000).

I’ll bet you would prefer a more balanced approach, wouldn’t you? You can invest a bit of time and a bit of money without maxing out one or both when you join Thrive School PRO.

I sincerely hope you’ll choose to accept my invitation to turn your wisdom into wealth with my support and guidance. To get started:

  1. Click here to accept your invitation to join Thrive School PRO
  2. Select your membership type (you get two months free when you pay yearly)
  3. Unlock exponential income and infinite influence (there's no going back)

I’ll look for you inside the PRO Community. Keep up the good work!