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🔮 Predict Your Tomorrow

As unique as you wish you were. . . you’re actually kinda predictable.

Most Americans go to sleep before 11 PM and wake up before 7 AM, get married between 25 and 30, and have two kids, give or take.

Similar stats exist for every country, demographics, and time of year.

As seasons change, people change, wearing shorts in summer and sweaters in winter (or not, once again depending on where you live).

Most major events in the year are predictable, such as birthdays and seasons and holidays. How can you be prepared?

Let’s Get Personal This Season

Part of serving your audience is getting inside their head and thinking through their lifestyle. When do people do things? How often? How does that relate to what you offer with your platform?

In marketing lingo, adjusting your strategy based on holidays or the time of the year is known as Seasonal Personalization.

When you’re creating new content, think of audience experience. What will your audience experience when your blog post, podcast episode, or video comes out?

If you’re creating content on gratitude, Thanksgiving is a holiday where you’re meant to shine. If you’re creating guides to using digital cameras, Black Friday was created just for you to show up.

What other events are going on in the lives of your audience, and how can you join the conversation that’s already going on?

Join the Current Conversation

Seasonal Personalization is incredibly effective whether you plan content on a quarterly basis or just one post at a time.

The reason it works so well is that you’re able to join the current conversation, hitching a ride on a topic that’s already in motion.

When one of your subscribers is at Thanksgiving dinner with her family, she can ask everyone to follow the “one conversation rule” based on something you shared with her.

When the world is searching “What’s the best Black Friday deal on digital cameras?” on Google, your digital camera buying guide is sure to come up.