Interviews with the Best and Brightest Minds in Business Today


The global economy is in the midst of a major economic earthquake.

COVID-19 began as a health crisis, but has become an economic crisis.

The International Monetary Fund calls this “The Great Lockdown” and has officially classified the current crisis as the “Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression.”

In the midst of that crisis, there is opportunity. The World Economic Forum has dubbed that opportunity The Great Reset.

I've asked the best and brightest minds in business:

  • How are you adapting your business to survive the crisis?
  • How are you pivoting to pursue opportunity, and thrive?
  • What advice do you have for other business owners right now?

In the Survive and Thrive podcast, I (John) interview the best and brightest minds in business today, and asks them to share their experience and insight to help entrepreneurs navigate the path towards building a thriving business in any economy (including this one).