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My Kinda Rich 🏝

Imagine if every single day you woke up with $84,600 in your checking account, just for being alive!

The only catch is that at the end of each day, your account would reset to zero.

What would you do with your daily allowance? 🤔

Would you leave much of it to sit idly in your account, knowing it would disappear at the end of each day? Probably not.

Would you spend the money on experiences with people you love, give generously to causes you care about, and live every day as if you were on vacation?

Perhaps you’d invest some money to start a business that would give you both purpose and profit, perpetually? 🤩

A few months ago, my wife and I went to a local songwriter’s night and heard our friend Matt perform a song that changed my life (and our address).

In a heartfelt serenade, Matt painted a picture of sunset in Tennessee, mowing his lawn with his young son in his lap while the fireflies came out for the first time. As he described in the chorus, “that’s my kinda rich.”

“Rich” is a word typically reserved to describe other people, isn’t it? Rich people are people who have more than you or I do–but that’s not really fair.

I’ve met millionaires who are miserable and penniless-yet-blissful people too.

My kind of rich probably feels different than your kind of rich, but it's up to you to determine what your kinda rich really is.

Right now, you already get a daily allowance of 84,600–it’s simply denominated in seconds, rather than dollars.

You still get to spend it, invest it, or squander it however you wish.

What are you building? What are you enjoying? How are you spending each day?

Your business is meant to fuel your lifestyle (not the other way around).

That’s what led my wife and I to our latest change, moving to Puerto Rico!

What about you? What is your kinda rich?