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The Perks of Creating a Membership Site from Your Coaching Service

The Perks of Creating a Membership Site from Your Coaching Service

What if you could take your coaching services to the next level, and provide more content to each client with less time invested on your end?

That's exactly the opportunity a membership site can provide.

In late 2014, I started offering a paid coaching service called “Unlock the Get Noticed!™ Theme”.

It was a hit from the start, and without much promotion, I generated over $7000 from that service over the next six months.

That was unexpected.

I enjoyed the regular coaching, but because of time constraints I rarely got to cover anything beyond the basics—and I wasn't satisfied with that.

I wanted to offer next-level coaching that took Get Noticed!™ Theme users all the way from “I just installed the theme” to “My traffic has grown. I'm selling my own products and services on my site.

But I just didn't have the time.

Right about then, I had a conversation with Michael Hyatt where he encouraged me to find a way to scale.

Video content was exactly the way to do it. As I quickly learned, membership sites have a few advantages over traditional coaching services:

  1. More content for your clients
  2. Multiplied impact of your time
  3. Convenience of access—both for you and for your clients.

Building a membership site filled with video tutorials means that each time you sit down at your desk you move the needle forward—compared to starting each coaching session back at square one.

This is my first membership site, but I'm already convinced—this is the way to go. It's better for me and my clients. A definite win-win.

Besides, the money's not bad.

Registration has only been open for a week, and I've already brought in as much revenue as coaching did in those six months combined.

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This video course is designed to save people hours of time and effort by providing quick reference guides for features all over the Get Noticed!™ Theme for WordPress.

And people are loving it!

Registration is currently open for The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked—but today's the last day. After all, I have to get back to creating more content for the users already inside the course.

“Want to take your coaching content further, and in less time? Invest in a membership site.”

Question: What coaching service do you offer, that you could transform into a membership site?