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In Pursuit of a Life Well-Lived

In Pursuit of a Life Well-Lived

Itā€™s easy to forget what all this is about. And by “this” I mean productivity, building a business, and the steady hustle towards pursuing a dream.

I like to work. In fact, I've been labeled “workaholic” many times in the past.

Work gives me a purposeā€”something I can put my hands to, which supports the people that I love most.

But work is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. A life well-lived is made up of more than just accolades, promotions, and achievements like business success.

 “It's easy to get caught up in the pursuit, and forget to enjoy what you already have.”

Some days, we're gifted with reminders of why we do what we do. For me, last Tuesday was one of those days.

Disclaimer: This post gets a little sentimental. If babies or emotions aren't your thing, don't read on.

I woke up to the announcement that my niece, Southerlyn Reese Loftin, had just been born.

As quick as we could, my wife and I got dressed, shoveled down some food, and headed to Murfreesboro to meet Southerlyn, and check on her mother (my wifeā€™s sister-in-law).

All plans set aside, we spent two hours with family and friends in a hospital room just being and enjoying my nieceā€™s first hours of life outside the womb.

Iā€™ve held newborn infants beforeā€”including both of my sistersā€”but this time was different because I understand the joy of life like I never have before.

You see, my wife is pregnant with our first child. In just three short months, weā€™ll be holding our own son.

Crazy, right?

A single decade ago, I was awkwardly befriending a cute girl in my English class, and now the two of us are preparing to welcome a new lifeā€”our sonā€”into the world.

Southerlyn reminded me of what's really important, but also served as a reminder that I almost missed that chance.

I could have been “too busy”, and put off visiting the newborn until later on in the week.

I could have been preoccupied while at the hospitalā€”on my phone or thinking about projects, instead of enjoying the new life in the room.

I could have been too caught up in my own thoughts to care.

“Never forget the reason that you put yourself to work each day.”

Work matters, because we're here to change the world, one life at a time.

Productivity matters, because the less time we spend on what we have to do, the more we can spend on what we love to do.

When life gets in the way of work, make time for it.

Don't let work become your life, without any margin to breathe.

[reminder]Are you making time for life, amidst the busyness of work?[/reminder]