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The Double-Edged Sword Of Label Self-Diagnosis

The Double-Edged Sword Of Label Self-Diagnosis

We all have many labels, whether we realize that or not. Some are given, others are chosen, but they all have the power to change our perception of the world.

Right now, I am labeled a¬†husband, son,¬†and Christian‚ÄĒand that's just the start of the list. All these labels are true, but some have more power than others.


Have you ever¬†had a friend who had a little trouble focusing, and was quick to claim “I'm ADD!” whenever someone noticed?

I have.

In fact, I've done pretty much the same.

I've always been a bit detail-oriented and tidy. Sometimes, that strikes people as odd.¬†Eventually, I claimed¬†“I'm OCD!” as a¬†reflex to strange looks or questions.

No, I don't struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but I embraced the label quickly.

Why? The same reasons people claim ADD as their own, who have never been diagnosed.

There's a comfort to knowing one's identity in the world and using that to relate to others.

[Tweet “Embrace a label long enough, and it quickly comes to be true.”]

The Choice

The labels that define us begin to shape how we think and act. They transform our self-image and give us identity within the world.

We can use that power for good.

You and I have a choice when it comes to the labels we use.

Many people embrace negative labels, in the hopes that they'll feel understood. You can choose to embrace a positive label, with the faith it will push you to grow.

Labels are often given, but they can be chosen too.

Ask yourself, who would you like to be? And embrace that label as your own.

I am a writer, and I am an entrepreneur. Those are the labels I've chosen. I am that and so much more, but I finally know who I am.

Now it's your turn, get clear on who you are.

What label do you choose?