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"Killing Time" on Social Media

"Killing Time" on Social Media

If you’re like me, and were born sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, you’re part of the group generally referred to as “Generation Y.”

You’re most likely quite familiar with technology, especially the internet. In many ways, the internet is the foundation of our civilization today. It is the internet that allows us to pursue nearly unlimited opportunities, yet how is it used?

Of the total time spent consuming (or producing) information on the internet around the world, 15.8% is spent on Facebook. Research shows that each Facebook user, on average, spends more than eight hours a month on the social media site, and every day a total of 20 billion minutes are spent on Facebook.

Is this a bad thing or a waste of time? Not necessarily.

Facebook and other popular social media sites are fantastic networking tools. Whether you use social media to keep up with friends, meet like-minded people and business contacts, or raise awareness for a cause, connecting to people all around the world is easier now than ever before. When used strategically, social media is a great asset. When social media begins to consume much of your focus, however, it can quickly become a major distraction.

According to at least one study, more than 80% of Generation Y internet users have at least 1 social network (66% use Facebook). Of those users, 80% log on daily. When asked why they use social media, 54% of Generation Y users said it was for “killing time.” In fact, the most popular time for logging onto social media sites is during leisure time (73% of Generation Y users agreed with this).

The expression “killing time” is actually an incredibly accurate description of what happens when someone spends hours on Facebook or Twitter, but never seems to have enough time for homework or personal projects.

You have the power to change the world, but—more importantly—you also have the power to change your world. Chances are you have goals you would like to pursue or a project you'd like to work on. Whether or not you realize it, you have the time. You, just like everyone else in the world, have 1,440 minutes every single day. How you spend those minutes is up to you.

Question: Do you use social media sites for “killing time?”