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📐 High-Leverage Point

We tend to throw around the term “high leverage" when talking about where to focus time, effort, and resources, but what does that actually mean? In context, "high leverage" typically describes an opportunity that yields disproportionate results where very little effort can lead to a large success, but the meaning actually hearkens back to physics.

Your Lever and Your Fulcrum

With the right lever, at the right angle, at the right point (the fulcrum), 1 pound of pressure can shift 100 pounds of matter. That’s high leverage. Low leverage, by contrast, is the reverse, where 100 pounds of pressure can only move 1 pound of matter.

As you apply this principle to your business, you need to first look for the levers that you can pull, or apply pressure to, but remember that all levers are not created equal. The right lever, with the right angle, can dramatically improve your results with just a little bit of effort.

Bobby Klinck’s High Leverage Lever

Bobby Klinck, for example, is a Harvard graduate attorney who had an eye on building an online business but needed a high leverage opportunity to make the transition. When GDPR went into effect, and online marketers everywhere were scrambling to understand how a new batch of European Union restrictions affected their business online, he saw his moment.

Bobby used his legal expertise to clearly interpret the complicated, massive legal documents that made up GDPR into a simple action plan for online entrepreneurs, and published that for free. Amy Porterfield was the first main-stream online marketer to interview Bobby about the topic on her podcast, but she wasn't the last.

In a matter of days, Bobby dramatically grew his email list and launched digital products that allowed him to step full-time into his online business almost immediately. That is an example of a high-leverage opportunity.

High leverage points show up differently in every industry, and every season, but they exist everywhere. What is your high-leverage opportunity right now, where you could invest a small amount of time and energy to receive a disproportionate result? Now prioritize that.