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🀝 Hands-on Transformation

Digital products, including online courses, are a great way to generate income from your content, but they are by no means the only way. As a matter of fact, one of the most effective ways to make revenue early on is to offer paid services, but you don't have to settle for simply setting an hourly rate.

Whatever your niche, what you offer to clients is not your time or efforts, what you’re selling is transformation. When people pay you, they are investing in a better version of themselves, their relationships, or their business. So, what level of transformation can you offer?

3 Types of Service Offerings

Rather than focus on the hard-to-calculate value of the actual life-changing transformation you deliver, consider offering your services in three different ways, each with a different price tag:

1) DIY (Do-it-yourself): This could be as simple as a recorded coaching call or downloadable resource that gives your customers the option to turn your insight into action on their own. This should be your cheapest offer, and you should expect that some people will buy this level and only this level, while others will buy this as a sort of sample before upgrading to another level of service you offer. This could also be a coaching call where you listen to someone's problems and give them advice, but they are on their own to implement your advice after your call.

2) DWY (Done-With-You): This is a level up from a simple coaching call, and could be an extended coaching program lasting several months or simply a coaching call with follow-up accountability built in. This should be a higher price than your DIY option, and should lead to greater transformation (but may not require significantly more of your time at the end of the day).

3) DFY (Done-For-You): Some customers don't really have the time or energy to solve the problem they have, even if they know you could help them solve the problem. These customers would rather pay a premium to have you solve the problem for them by jumping in and taking over, on their behalf. In some industries (like accounting) this is straight-forward, but in others (like weight loss) you need to get creative. You can't actually lose weight for a client, but you can give them a done-for-you daily meal plan, exercise routine, and track their progress over time.

Are You Offering Multiple Service Levels?

If you're selling paid services but not offering a DWY or DFY option, you are probably leaving money on the table and an entire segment of your market unserved. How could you offer one, two, or all three service options in your online business? Don't be afraid to charge a premium for your DFY service and keep your DIY option available at an introductory rate.