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🎁 Give Your Best Away

Give your best ideas away for free. This idea has been tossed around for a while, but the core idea rings true. Don’t concern yourself with keeping your “best work” or your “secret sauce” behind closed doors, as part of a paid product.

Give your best ideas away for free.

Become Someone to Trust

Don’t be afraid of your competitors, or of people putting your ideas into practice without paying you first. Instead, fear anonymity.

Anonymity is what will jeopardize your success, not anyone who copies your ideas and passes them off as their own. The information age has matured, and is ending, where a dozen different answers to a trillion different problems are only a hasty search away.

Today’s people don’t crave information, they crave insight. They want a trusted guide (you) to take them step-by-step through the chaos and help them walk the path to success.

From Trust to Transformation

Give your best ideas away for free, but also create paid products with your best ideas inside them (yes, the same good ideas). When someone buys your online course or your book they’re not buying for the information, they’re buying for transformation.

What better, stronger, faster version of themselves do they see when they take a chance on your product? What transformation are they chasing? How can you help them succeed?

Take a Chance on Today

Your favorite idea may not be your best idea—you only know what’s effective once you have an eager audience willing to take a chance.

What ideas have you been saving for “one day” when you’re successful enough to share them? What secrets have you been mentally safe-guarding for your eventual book? What ideas can you give away for free, that might just pique someone’s interest enough to pay attention to what you have to say? Now go forth and share them.