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🥧 Get Your Slice

What if you could open a full store of products on your website today, without spending a penny on production or design? Even better—what if you could do that with a core selection of products that are proven, tested, and already optimized to sell? That’s exactly how you can, and should leverage affiliate income.

Money You’re Making (for Someone)

Have you ever recommended a book to a friend? Or shared a fun find on a tool or product you use on a regular basis? Those are excellent opportunities to generate income from your platform. As you’re creating new content, recommending books, apps, or other products to your audience is a natural next step. That’s why affiliate income is the easiest way to generate income early on.

At one point in time, affiliate income was the result of spamming schemes and it earned itself a sleazy reputation—but times have changed. There are plenty of creators who are helping their audience and making affiliate income along the way. After all, you’re already going to be connecting your audience to helpful resources—so why not get paid while doing it?

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about, connecting valuable resources to the people who need them and getting paid a commission by the product company as thanks for the sale.

Let Jeff Bezos Write Your Checks

Take Deidra Romero, for example, who has an audience of busy moms like herself, many of whom are working moms looking for solutions to save time while helping their families eat well. For Deidra, the solution is quick-and-simple meal prep using an all-in-one “Instant Pot” which her audience started asking about when they saw her share an Instagram story preparing dinner.

It was natural for her to respond to questions by sharing a link to the product on Amazon, and 7 people from her Instagram account purchased this fancy pot. By sharing about something she loved, Deidra made a commission off of those sales. There are many programs just like what Amazon offers, where you can get paid a percentage of sales for any customer you refer—without spending any time or money delivering the product itself.

For example, you could find a book that you’ve read which is related to your niche, and write a review of that book with your insights (sharing your affiliate link to bookshop.org). Or you could take Deidra’s success to the next level by creating an in-depth Instant Pot recipe guide, where the recipes are all free but you’re linking to the Instant Pot as an affiliate purchase. That second example opens the door to all kinds of opportunities, where you can sell a product of your own where affiliate income is a secondary income source from inside of the product.