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Get Your First Yes 😋

Have you ever noticed how kids dash toward the free samples at Kroger or Costco from a mile away? They get the appeal.

Even if you’re not running (on the outside), you’re probably curious to see what you’re going to get for free.

Create samples worth selling and then give them away to potential customers. This gets their attention, teases your full solutions, and inspires reciprocity so customers feel like they owe you and they want to give back!

If you like the sample, you may buy the full product—and even if you don’t buy that specific product, you’re more likely to buy more, buy more often, or both.

Common sense and experience explain this, but academic studies back it up.

Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at Duke University, explains that samples lead to sales for two reasons:

  1. A good sample teases the full experience, so customers want the full product
  2. The gift of a sample inspires reciprocity, so customers want to give back

Your first job in business is to get people’s attention, and it’s not enough to tell people about your product. They need to experience it themselves.

Once you know the right prospects to pursue, you need to offer a clear sample solution that gives people a chance to tiptoe into transformation with your business.

This could be a free download, some high-value content that doesn’t require a huge investment, or a sample version of your product itself.

While giving away your sample, you need to collect some kind of information, like a name and email address, to contact people in this group.

That allows you to nurture the relationship until the samplers become customers.

Create Samples Worth Selling

Despite the fact that you’re giving away free samples, you should treat this as a financial transaction.

After all, potential customers are giving you their time and attention to consider your sample, and in today's age there are a thousand other vendors competing for that.

With that mindset, would your target audience pay for what you’re giving away?

If the answer is no, create a new sample solution.

You need an irresistible offer, perhaps one that seems crazy to give away (no, a 10% off coupon doesn't count).

Are you giving away free samples yet?

Do you have a sample solution to your Target Customer’s real problem freely available so they can try before they buy?

Are you using this sample solution to reach new people or collect their contact information?

Your objective here is to use samples get your first “Yes” and allow potential customers to sample what your business can offer—but it’s also to create a direct connection between your sample solution and your standard solutions (your products).