The Get Noticed™ Theme is the most feature-packed WordPress theme on the market. That's the main reason I love it—but it's also the biggest problem to date.

I've been using the Get Noticed!™ Theme on my blog now for nearly two years.

Designed by Michael Hyatt and Andrew Buckman, this is the only premium WordPress theme available that's built around growing a personal brand.

Exclusive Download: Click here to get a FREE step-by-step checklist for optimizing the Get Noticed!™ Theme PLUS a breakdown of all the settings on my site.

I’ve mentioned before what I love about the Get Noticed!™ Theme, but here’s a quick recap:

  1. Mobile-Responsiveness. The theme design changes based on the size of your display, so it renders well on any device. This is crucial—49% of my traffic came from tablets or smartphones over the past year.
  2. Powerful Theme Customizer. I’m not a web developer, so I love that the theme gives you a whole lot of customization control. You can personalize your site even if you can’t spell “HTML”.
  3. Robust Integration Support. The theme integrates well with MailChimp, Google Analytics, and major social media sites, making site setup simple and saving you hours of time.
  4. Focus-Flexibility. This theme has helped people establish authority in fields ranging from genealogy to religion and even HR. It’s flexible enough to become the online face of an individual, company, or brand.

But there’s one big problem with the Get Noticed!™ Theme…

It’s more than a little bit overwhelming.

There are so many built-in widgets, mini-posts, and customization features that most people have no idea where to begin.

It's like a Swiss Army Knife with so many attachments that you get lost using anything but the basic blade.

“Countless Get Noticed!™ Theme features go to waste because nobody knows how they work.”

It took me a full year of breaking things, exploring every update, and examining dozens of other Get Noticed!™ Theme sites to learn how to design a blog that finally felt like me.

Since I redesigned my blog in November of 2014…

➤ My email list has nearly doubled,
➤ I saw my blog’s first four-figure revenue month, and
➤ My regular traffic has tripled to over 10,000 pageviews a month.

I want you to achieve that same level of results—without having to wait nearly as long as I did.

So I created The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked.

This content-packed video course is designed to save hours of time and effort by providing quick reference guides for features all over the Get Noticed!™ Theme for WordPress.

Registration opens for the first time today.

I invite you to join. Click below to learn more, and sign up!


John Meese is the author of the #1 bestseller Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One). An entrepreneur himself, John is on a mission to eradicate generational poverty by equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to build thriving businesses from scratch. He is the CEO of Cowork Inc, co-founder of Notable, and regularly publishes interviews and insight at

20 thoughts on “The #1 Problem With the Get Noticed!™ Theme

  1. John, you raise some really good points. Like you, I love the Get Noticed theme, but having it has been incredibly frustrating. I NEED tech help often. It’s a very bad use of my time to learn all this. I bought your videos, and I applaud you for doing that, but I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t watched them all. I just have to focus on my next book (on tight deadline for it) and companion course; coaching clients; etc; …Initially, it took months for someone to install the Get Noticed theme on my new website, because this person had a full-time job and did it on spare time. But he was awesome. However, both of us made a mistake by letting me use a URL with a hyphen. What was I thinking? Then that webmaster vanished despite repeated contact on my part — as you may recall, when I first contacted you. Finally, I found a 2nd webmaster, who’s been really helpful, but a few days ago, he resigned, because he wants bona fide design work — he dislikes doing maintenance, etc. and explaining things to me. So now I’m hunting for a 3rd programmer on the Platform University site and Upwork. My VAs are even spreading the word. And again, there’s a big delay in getting awesome new designs and features installed. I’m eager to get my new new ebook up, my new logos installed, build my audience, etc. So I totally agree with Melodie — it’s a beautiful theme but very difficult to master. With Typepad (what I used before), they always answered my questions…. So, does anyone know a Get Noticed-savvy webmaster?

    1. Hi Connie,

      I’m sorry things didn’t work out with the developer we first recommended you, but no I don’t have any other recommendations. If you’re looking for a simpler theme without all the bells & whistles, you may want to check out Mentoris™.

  2. I am so grateful that I found you. I have struggled with my design because I am a visual learner and I haven’t found any video help to help me get through all the bells and whistles of this theme. I brought it during the introductory price – AND MY WEBSITE STILL ISN’T UP! I would work awhile, get frustrated and stopped working on it.
    It’s like trying to read Greek because when I purchased it, I had never used WordPress. Since then, I purchased a tutorial for WordPress and gleaned as much information as I could. I’m getting your videos TODAY and hopefully by next week, I will be up and running. Why didn’t they include detailed tutorials with the software. A Step by Step Layout and Design Guide would have been the icing on the cake. Many people can’t affort to hand this off to their webmaster. I couldn’t and I continued to struggle with the simplest of tasks. It is a beautiful theme but very difficult to master.

    1. I hope you find the tutorials I’ve put together helpful, as you build your site! I know it can be a little overwhelming, but once you get in there and get your site looking good it’s all uphill from there 🙂

  3. I recently set up the Get Noticed theme for a client and wow, it was very overwhelming! I set up premium themes all the time so it definitely caught me off guard with all the options, custom post types, etc. It took me longer than expected, but I must say, this is a very powerful theme and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to build a successful blog.

  4. Thanks John,

    Your PDF download is an excellent tool. You’ve inspired me to dive into the GTN them, and I’m stoked at the positive changes I’ve been able to make with just a few hours of work. I love the compilation of creative, GTN sites. This has been awesome for additional inspiration. The link to the color-wheel tool was incredibly helpful too.

    Sure appreciate this resource 🙂

  5. I am a great fan of getnoticed theme and yes it can be overwhelming. However your one to one coaching has helped me unlock its features. But there seems to be more features to unlock so I have signed up for this video course.
    Well done John.

    1. I’m glad you’ve found my coaching services helpful, Wole! And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video course, I’ll be covering much more 😉

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