Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions interviewed me about my new book. In his words,

If there is only one book a business owner could read to really help their business Survive and Thrive is the one. The book provides a practice framework of what your business needs to be working on to make it through a growing economy or a recession.

About Stephen Halasnik

Stephen Halasnik is the host The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast. Mr. Halasnik is the Cofounder of Financing Solutions which is a leading provider of lines of credit to small businesses. The business line of credit program is fast, easy, inexpensive, and costs nothing to set up making it a great cash backup plan for your business even when combined with good cash flow forecasting. If you would like to learn more about the line of credit program, please visit or call 862-207-4118.


John Meese is the author of the #1 bestseller Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One). An entrepreneur himself, John is on a mission to eradicate generational poverty by equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to build thriving businesses from scratch. He is the CEO of Cowork.Inc, co-founder of Notable, and host of the Thrive School podcast.

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