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How I Use “Content Synergy" to Write Useful Books Every Day

I just started writing my third book this week, but it’s roughly half done.

That’s because I’ve been using “Content Synergy” so that everything I create helps me create something else, and everything becomes increasingly useful while I do it.

Beyond being overused in corporate meetings, synergy means combining two things to create something new that is better than each each thing on it’s own (1 + 1 = 3).

Last year, I started the year trying to create synergy between my software company, coworking space company, and online education company… but it didn’t really work.

Like playing a saxophone in an orchestra while tap dancing, I was trying too hard to create synergy where it didn’t naturally exist.

When I worked on one business, it helped that one business, but there was no real impact on my other businesses except that I was distracted from two of the three at a time 🫣

Once I realized that, I sold two of my companies to narrow my focus to my online education business, Thrive School with a renewed Content Synergy strategy:

My Content Synergy Strategy

  1. How I get new ideas:
    a. I read a lot (almost a book a week)
    b. I subscribe to creators I admire
    c. I journal to capture what I’m learning
  2. How I test ideas:
    a. I host Q&A coaching calls in Thrive School PRO
    b. I schedule Serve Calls with potential clients
    c. I share questions and conversations on LinkedIn
  3. How I refine ideas:
    a. I publish articles on my website and newsletter (like this)
    b. I teach Thrive School PRO members LIVE
    c. I teach a free Wisdom Into Wealth Workshop LIVE

When I teach a live audience, I get on-the-spot questions that help me know where to fill in the gaps. I also get feedback in the form of purchases or testimonials.

As I refine my ideas, I start seeing patterns.

No idea works in a vacuum, so I link articles to each other until I have enough interlinked ideas that I can see a big enough picture to write a book.

That’s how I wrote Survive and Thrive, Always Be Teaching, and it’s how I’m now writing Wisdom Into Wealth.

Ten years ago, I was inspired to create Content Synergy when I read How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir. This year, I read Write Useful Books by Rob Fitzpatrick and realized I’m missing a key step.

I’m now inviting readers into the book writing process formally, publicly, and early.

My top priority for this year is to write and publish Wisdom Into Wealth.

I’ve written my entrepreneurship 101 book and an illustrated content marketing guide, redefining myself as a bestselling author.

This time I want to publish the most useful book for someone who wants to build a thriving online education business from scratch.

Thankfully, I've spent the better part of a decade creating Content Synergy around that very topic, so I won't start writing with a blank page!

Would you like to get an advance copy of the book or provide feedback while I write it? Please join the waiting list for Wisdom Into Wealth!