3 Ways to Adapt Your Business to the Great COVID-19 Lockdown

Entrepreneurs like you and I have a problem—but it’s not the coronavirus (at least not directly). The IMF has officially classified the Great Lockdown as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and where the world is reopening it’s becoming what The Economist calls the 90% economy. There’s no v-shaped recovery from here, the […]

My Essentialist Business Response: Running a Coworking Space During Quarantine

I opened a coworking space 58 days before the COVID-19 crisis hit the US and forced us to temporarily close. Here’s how I’m refocusing my business in response to quarantine, as part of the great lockdown. The first lens I use to make business decisions is essentialism, the concept of a disciplined pursuit of doing […]

I Threw Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner Out The Window Today

Don’t tell Michael Hyatt, but… I threw my Full Focus Planner out the window! The truth is, I love the planner-based productivity system and I have used it ever day for years (since the first prototype came out), but sometimes when I hit a wall. Does that ever happen to you? A few weeks ago, […]

Everything is Closed?! My Eerie Walk Downtown…

In the midst of the COVID-19 coronapocalypse, I took an eerie walk around downtown Columbia, TN (AKA Muletown) where every small business is closed right now! Including mine… It’s a bit crazy right now, just wanted to share what I’m seeing in an effort to connect to you. Entrepreneurship is always tough stuff, but this […]