How to Grow Your Business with an Essentialist Marketing Plan

What if I told you that marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming? I believe that yes, you can grow your business with an Essentialist Marketing Plan, without spreading yourself thin or breaking the bank. Do less, better is one of my core principles, inspired by Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of […]

How to Systemize a Thriving, Profitable Business

Your business is beautiful, but like any baby, it takes a watchful eye to nurture as it grows.  Perhaps you’ve been at this for some time, and your business is starting to grow up, but occasionally you throw up your hands in frustration that the business won’t do as it’s told. “Why can’t you keep […]

Why This Digital Marketer Weirdly Doesn’t Have Internet

I make my living and support my family’s livelihood using “The Internet” yet have none of my own. Getting rid of our internet connection at home, more than any other change we’ve made in our personal lives, has friends and family flabbergasted. The most common reaction we hear is “Wow! Wait, really?” followed by “Why?!” […]

How To Cultivate Your Empathy Advantage

It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is a difficult path, with many pitfalls along the way. According to Merriam-Webster, the very definition of an entrepreneur is someone who “assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” There’s no magic solution that’s going to remove that risk or guarantee your business will succeed. When you set out […]

How to Set Principles That Guide Difficult Business Decisions

For decades, companies have been setting core values (or principles) with inspiring words like “positivity” and “legacy” that do little more than look pretty as a poster on the wall. In recent years, many business owners have woken up to this fact and abandoned core values as one more example of the largess of corporate […]

The Truth About Michael Hyatt’s BusinessAccelerator Program

As a busy entrepreneur, there never seems to be enough time or money to go around. You know you need help, but the most pressing need is usually getting more hands in the business, rather than spending thousands of dollars on a coaching program like BusinessAccelerator. When I launched my first business, I knew I […]

3 Habits of The Highly Effective Intrapreneur

Entrepreneurs are weird. We think different and act differently from “normal” people. For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is the best way to leverage your weirdness—but what if your weirdness could be the key to success on someone else’s payroll? That’s the question that inspired Gifford Pinchot to coin the term “intrapreneur” in 1978, which […]

The Most Effective Metric for Growing an Online Business

If you have an established online business, what’s the most effective way to grow? Some would tell you to blog every day, start a new podcast (or vlog), and share every minute of your life on social media. Personally, I’ve tried each popular approach and found them exhausting. They simply aren’t sustainable, even when they […]

This Blog is No Longer a Business―Here’s Why:

For the last year, an opportunity has been brewing behind-the-scenes that led to a formal job offer a few months ago. I wasn’t looking for a job at the time but after much deliberation… I said yes. Starting May 1st, 2017 I became the full-time Brand Director & Dean for Platform University, an established monthly membership […]

My Annual Review (2016): The Year I Quit My Day Job… Twice!

This is my second year writing an “annual review” post to reflect on what went well, what did not go well, and what I will change in the coming year. This post is especially helpful for me, but I hope you can learn something from it as well. For this year’s “backstory”, you might enjoy reading my annual […]