30 Day Challenge: Jumpstart Your Online Business Right Now

Have you been itching to launch a new blog? Or are you ready to give your current blog a good kick in the pants? Sometimes that’s all it takes to make the leap from “hobby” to online business. Sign up for this challenge, and I’ll send you an email every day for the next month […]

When You Should Throw Your Content Calendar Away (I Sure Did)

You may or may not have noticed… but it’s been ten weeks since I published the last post on this blog. Ten freaking weeks! A.K.A. Seventy days or roughly 1/5th of an entire year. Sure, I launched a new podcast and wrote a guest post or two, but I call myself a full-time blogger―what gives? I have always been an advocate […]

How to Write Emails That Will Actually Get Read

How many emails are sitting in your inbox that you’ve never opened, and probably never will? Once you open an email, do you read it? Or do you quickly click away? There’s a science behind effective email marketing campaigns, and if you’re not paying attention you shouldn’t be surprised when nobody is reading your work. If you’re […]

LeadPages VS ConvertKit: Do You Really Need Both?

When you’re just starting your online business, every penny counts. Which list-building tools are most important? Do you need ConvertKit and LeadPages right from the start? It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of ConvertKit. I’ve been using ConvertKit’s email marketing service since I switched from MailChimp in 2015, and I rely heavily on the automated […]

What is Your Online Business Worth to Your Family?

When people talk about online business, a lot of the focus is on what it’s worth to your wallet. But that conversation is only surface-level―an online business is worth so much more to your family. Many people start an online business because they’ve heard the success stories, and are excited about the financial opportunity. But people are also […]

How to Create and Launch an Online Course in Just 48 Hours

On a hot weekend in June, I met up with two entrepreneurs from my mastermind group to collaborate an on online course called Project LAUNCH. The challenge was… we only had 48 hours. At 10 AM on Friday June 3rd, 2016 the countdown began. Craig Jarrow, Wes Wages, and I had committed to a very public challenge to create and […]

What is Your Email List Actually Worth?

Do you ever look at your email list and think you don’t have “enough” subscribers? I know people with 30,000 who think the same thing. Th vvalue of an email list is about much more than size. When it comes to online marketing, there are a thousand different techniques―and hundreds of channels―you can use. So why […]

Why I Closed the Doors on an Evergreen Course

Four months ago, I opened registration on a course with the intention of keeping the doors open long-term. Our strategy has changed, and this new approach will actually be better for everyone involved. The Backstory In June of 2015, I launched my first video course, The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked. Registration was open for just ten days, and […]

My Annual Review (2015): The Year We Birthed a Business and a Baby

Unlike most blog posts, this one is primarily for me. It allows me to process where I’m at, and where I’d like to be headed. I share this in the hope that you can benefit from my journey in some way. I’ve never truly done an annual review before, but this year I was inspired by […]

What Does it Really Mean to be a “Workaholic”?

In the age of opportunity, it seems the most difficult thing to do is take time to rest. Working hard and working long can move things forward—but is it worth the cost in the end? Hi, my name is John, and I’m a workaholic. I’d been sober for a while until I recently relapsed for at least five […]