Six Figure Flagship Accelerator

Six Figure Flagship Accelerator

Create and sell a new Flagship Product to earn $10K in 90 days, and $100K+ this year

Each quarter, I accept 10 clients into a group coaching program where I help you create & sell a premium coaching program to earn $10K+ per month.

Right now my next group has 7 spots spoken for, and 3 available. Interested?

What You’ll Accomplish:

  1. Craft a compelling Flagship Product offer with a 10X Promise at a premium price (charging $2K - $10K per client)
  2. Identify your target customers and recruit the first clients into your founding program ($10K+ from first cohort)
  3. Create a repeatable system to generate $100K+ from your new Flagship Product this year (most clients target $10K per month to start)

If Accepted, Your Program Includes:

  1. Six Figure Flagship Product Playbook with the tools, templates and training you need to create your premium coaching program.
  2. 12-week mastermind community where you’ll get step-by-step instruction from me and a network of experts working alongside you.
  3. Personal “Serve Call” training where your clients give you their credit card number while saying “thank you!”

Your Investment to Accelerate Results

🗓️ Required Training: 90 minutes every week for 90 days via video call
💵 Financial Investment: $10,000 (with financing plans available)

100% ROI Guarantee: If you show up and do the work, I guarantee you will earn at least $10K during the 90-day program (this is why I must be selective in who I accept).

If for some unlikely reason you don't achieve those results, you can repeat the program without charge until you generate at least $10K.

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