Turn Your Real-World Expertise Into Exponential Income

We live in a world filled to the brim with uncertainty—including the end of the Age of Information as “fake news” ushers in a new Age of Insight where people desperately want to know who to trust.

Right this moment, hundreds of thousands of inexperienced influencers are sharing silly dance videos or questionable advice on the internet... and making a lucrative living online.

The “Creator Economy” is more than a fad, with more than two million creators already making a six-figure income (on track to cross 100 million within the next several years).

The internet is chock full of armchair commentators, but painfully few actual experts have an online following (compared to prank videos and slime videos which rack up billions of views).

But what about you?

You’ve spent so many years slaving away to earn your expertise, but is your hard-won wisdom earning you the influence and income you deserve?

Why Not Build Wealth by Inspiring a Wiser World?

Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at creating a podcast, online course, or building a social media following and discovered that its not as easy as it looks.

Actually... creating content on the internet is the easiest it’s ever been—that’s why everyone is doing it! That’s also why it’s easy to get lost in the noise.

What most people do when they’re feeling obscure is post more content on more platforms, hoping some of it pleases the almighty algorithm and opens a floodgate of followers! But for most people, none of that works.

Even if you’re able to build a following with spray & pray marketing, only 5% of your followers see each social media post.

A decade ago (when I started) there was no real playbook because so few people were making real money on the internet—you had to try a bit of everything to figure out what works!

You name it and I’ve probably created it online (as long as it’s legal). And then...

Meet the Million Dollar Teachers

Once I started getting traction, I co-founded a software company to help creators publish profitable content and ran a multimillion-dollar membership site for one of the most successful creators of the 21st century, Michael Hyatt.

I got to work with incredible creators like Pat Flynn, Ray Edwards, Amy Porterfield, and many more.

I discovered there was a growing group of creators who were doing things differently—and doing incredibly well! I now know dozens of online teachers who make millions (and hundreds more who make a six-figure salary)!

After a decade of research, trial, and error, I’ve created a repeatable framework for building a thriving online education business (what I like to call a “Seven Figure School”).

How to Build Your Own Seven Figure School ($1MM from 3 Products)
What if you could make a lucrative living while genuinely helping people by sharing life lessons you’ve already learned? What if you could do that while working with a small, supportive team and living anywhere in the world? Doesn’t that sound nice? I can personally assure you that

I’ve primarily taught my framework as a consultant, and in my bestselling book.

You don’t have to take it from me! Here’s what a few teachers had to say after I helped them build their own seven figure schools:

“John has a knack for breaking complicated subjects down into simple, easy-to-implement advice, combined with a passion for helping students succeed. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher, or coach.” — Michael Hyatt (FullFocus.co)
“Everything John has produces for has been gold! This is someone that we trust with the very heart of our business.” – Beth McCord (YourEnneagramCoach.com)
“We skipped a full year of struggle by hiring John for a 90-minute coaching call!” – Brian Dixon (HopeWriters.com)

YES, you can make a lucrative living as a teacher today, and I want to help you turn your wisdom into wealth by creating your own seven figure school!

That’s why I’ve shifted from behind-the-scenes one-on-one consulting to a group coaching program, my Thrive School Accelerator.

What Happens Inside My Thrive School Accelerator...

... can't be contained within my Thrive School Accelerator!

Seriously, this group is the top priority in my business because it’s my best chance to help you turn your wisdom into wealth.

In this accelerator program, I work with 12 experts over 90 days to help you achieve two primary objectives:

  1. Create a personalized playbook to build your Seven Figure School–an online education business you own, generating $1MM in annual revenue.
  2. Immediately start selling your Flagship Product with a premium offer and People Profits Pipeline designed to generate $100K before the program ends.

This accelerator program is the top priority in my business–which means you get access to every other product, template, or resource I can offer.

Can you imagine what your life would look like with your own wealth-generating online education business?

While what you share in the group is confidential, your results are designed to be shared with the world to create an unforgettable impact.

When you're ready, answer a couple of questions to schedule a complimentary strategy session with me, John Meese:

What Will You Say?

When you join my Thrive School Accelerator, you are raising your hand to say:

  • YES, you want to leverage your hard-won wisdom by building an online education business that generates at least $1 million per year in revenue (even if you’re starting from scratch).
  • YES, you want to learn directly from me a guided coaching program with a close group of your peers who share a common goal.
  • YES, you know that building an online education business requires patient persistence. This is not a get rick quick scheme, and you may need to wait several months to see dramatic results.
  • YES, will let your fellow members get to know you, and speak wisdom into my life.
  • YES, you intend to build real relationships with your fellow members; you agree that success is built on relationships, not tasks.
  • YES, you understand that making a financial investment in the group is important to getting maximum value and results.
  • YES, you are willing to share your wisdom, best practices, and advice with other members (while I will provide regular input, this is a place where everyone will have an opportunity to lead and contribute). None of us is as smart as all of us.

Imagine standing at the finish line, 1 year from now, looking back at everything you’ve accomplished since you made the decision to commit to success, and invest in yourself.

I look forward to talking to you soon. Keep up the good work!