You're Building a Business Without a Blueprint

How do you think your house would look if the people who built it did the same thing? ????

Instead, design your business to have a solid foundation, a clear operations plan, and a brick-by-brick path to your inevitable success.

You're Business Should Be:


You're on a mission to serve your customers, but first you have to find customers—and then consistently exceed their expectations.


Your resources are finite. Managing time, money, and opportunity wisely is key to profitability and your long-term success.


You became an entrepreneur seeking freedom and fulfillment—and you should have it! Your business should serve you, not the other way around.

How I Can Help

I'm on a mission to systemize entrepreneurial success—so you can't help but succeed!

I see every entrepreneur as a hero with a vision for how the world could be better, seeing and creating things that weren't already there.

I see myself as an Idea Architect. I design blueprints which make business more efficient, effective, and enjoyable—so you're better equipped to succeed, and make the world a better place.

What Readers Say:

I have been signing up for all kinds of programs online, lost a lot of money, incurred a lot of debt… then I found you!

It has been a pleasure working with you… I feel like I know you and sincerely appreciate you.

Do you know how thankful I am for your level of professionalism and commitment? I truly appreciate!

John has a knack for breaking complicated subjects down into simple, easy-to-implement advice, combined with a passion for helping students succeed. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher, or coach.

What I'm Building

To teach entrepreneurship, I need a testing ground where I can practice business myself.

For the last two years, I've been systematizing the success of Platform University, a multimillion-dollar online community started by Michael Hyatt in 2013.

In that role as Brand Director & Dean, I've successfully rebuilt the product to run like clockwork (with a minimal team) and replaced a dozen fragmented revenue streams with a single, cohesive product ecosystem that consistently generates profit.

I'm also working on opening a new coworking space near my home in Columbia, TN.

Visit Platform University

Why I Do what I Do

I enjoy entrepreneurship, but its my wife and kids who are the ceaseless source of joy and meaning in my life. So much of what I do is because of how they motivate me to continue to grow, and share what I learn each day.

I thank God for the precious life I've been given, the love I'm blessed to share with my beautiful wife Rachel, and our amazing kids.