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30 Day Challenge: Jumpstart Your Online Business Right Now

30 Day Challenge: Jumpstart Your Online Business Right Now

Have you been itching to launch a new blog? Or are you ready to give your current blog a good kick in the pants? Sometimes that's all it takes to make the leap from “hobby” to online business.

Sign up for this challenge, and I'll send you an email every day for the next month with an assignment you can complete in 30 minutes or less

I know you're incredibly busy and you don't have much time as it is―but your online business is not going to launch itself!

That's why I've designed this series to be action-packed and easy to follow, so you can block out less than an hour on your calendar each day and still make tangible progress.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the blog-to-business challenge by entering your email below:

Here's a quick overview of what to expect in this series:

  • Week One: Get clear on your motivations, unique skill sets, and where that combines to form a profitable business plan.
  • Week Two: Set up your website, pick a content medium, and start building your foundational content.
  • Week Three: Start building your audience and creating more content for your blog.
  • Week Four: Get to know your new audience and offer your first paid service.

If you complete each exercise and commit to building your online business, then by the end of this challenge here's a quick look at what you should have to show for your work:

  1. A clearly defined mission statement for your new business
  2. A new (or updated) blog with a compelling “About” page
  3. Three published pieces of high quality content for your blog
  4. Your initial email list with engaged subscribers
  5. A paid coaching service offering―with public-facing reviews!

Once you get started, share your progress in the comments below!