Have you been itching to launch a new blog? Or are you ready to give your current blog a good kick in the pants? Sometimes that's all it takes to make the leap from “hobby” to online business.

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I know you're incredibly busy and you don't have much time as it is―but your online business is not going to launch itself!

That's why I've designed this series to be action-packed and easy to follow, so you can block out less than an hour on your calendar each day and still make tangible progress.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the blog-to-business challenge by entering your email below:

Here's a quick overview of what to expect in this series:

  • Week One: Get clear on your motivations, unique skill sets, and where that combines to form a profitable business plan.
  • Week Two: Set up your website, pick a content medium, and start building your foundational content.
  • Week Three: Start building your audience and creating more content for your blog.
  • Week Four: Get to know your new audience and offer your first paid service.

If you complete each exercise and commit to building your online business, then by the end of this challenge here's a quick look at what you should have to show for your work:

  1. A clearly defined mission statement for your new business
  2. A new (or updated) blog with a compelling “About” page
  3. Three published pieces of high quality content for your blog
  4. Your initial email list with engaged subscribers
  5. A paid coaching service offering―with public-facing reviews!

Once you get started, share your progress in the comments below!


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John Meese is the author of the #1 bestseller Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One). An entrepreneur himself, John is on a mission to eradicate generational poverty by equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to build thriving businesses from scratch. He is the CEO of Cowork.Inc, co-founder of Notable, and host of the Thrive School podcast.

70 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Jumpstart Your Online Business Right Now

  1. Day 18: Hey guys! I noticed a few people on Facebook page had recently asked about how to improve intimacy in their relationships so I wrote a post on 5 Whatsapp Messages To Send Your Spouse in the next 5 minutes to make them feel appreciated in the hope it would help them out. Here it is: [http://eettang.us/2dx47U3] #eettangSAYS

  2. Purpose Statement: I help businesses and organizations that want to Magically Grow Your Leadership so they can:
    Levitate Your Business, Make Profits Appear, and Watch Problems Vanish!

  3. Hi, my name is Ben Friedman. Been working for the last 10 years in software testing and software delivery. Been looking for a change for a long time, mostly as i am driven from fear of lack of money, though recently, i just need something more to do, and get the affirmation coming from helping people. Been suffering from back pain for a while, started 2 american football teams in israel as well as managed the local league. Love to introspect and a sucker for finding more ideas instead of running with one 🙂

    I hope to be able to settle down on 1 idea, which i will feel is strong enough and worth the effort, and make it into a business that provides a side income.

  4. Hi! My name is Ebele Nwonwu from Nigeria. I’m a guidance counsellor in training getting my masters degree from the University of Lagos. I have volunteered with a non profit organization for the past 8 years working with teenagers.
    I’ve also been a Sunday school teacher for almost 10 years teaching teens for the past 5 years.
    I remember growing up facing the numerous challenges teenagers face and having no one to really talk to. My passion for teens comes from this.
    I want to be a voice for the teens that have no one and also everyone involves with them.
    My close friend who believes I have something to offer encouraged me to check you out and I do believe that I will gain confidence to run a successful blog through this challenge!

  5. Hi John, I am a photographer specialised in Personal Branding Photography and I’m preparing to become a couch. I’m from Bucharest Romania. Thank you for sending me this challenge and looking forward to start!!!

  6. Hi John. My name is Jaro. I am form Poland, but have lived in Ireland for past 12 years. Currently working as a Process Engineer in semiconductor company. Looking for a new challenges and additional income. Starting my own blog/business has been in mind for a while and finally decided to pull a trigger. Cheers, Jaro.

  7. I’m Rilla Banks, the baker behind EpicSweet.com.
    I am so excited for this challenge! What I hope to achieve is a blog that at least pays for itself, ha! Also, the tool I need to get my blog to not just pay for itself but also be able to pay me! No more hobby blogging, I wanna business! Let’s do this!

    1. My Purpose Statement:
      I help Bakers/dessert makers solve their boredom with their everyday recipes by showing them simple modifications to change their recipes and how to invent their own recipes.

      BOOM! Whatcha think? Do you think that their is a market for that?

  8. I’m a wife & mama to six, a writer, photographer & teacher. I used to have a blog with a pretty good following. I sold photography classes and made okay money doing it. Then I hadn’t a couple (more) kids and lost momentum. Blogging seems to have changed a lot in the last five years, and I’m not so sure of what to do. I want to grow my new blog so that the books & Bible studies I’ve been writing will be considered for publication.

  9. I am a lifestyle designer who is ready to be paid properly for all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years through my studies (I have an MA in Religious Studies and studied yoga in Uttarkashi, India). It is my goal to inspire others to create the daily self-care rituals that will allow them to live their best lives yet!

  10. Hi John, I’m a doctor, meditation teacher and writer.
    My biggest foe is a lack of focus and consistency.
    I want to use your 30-day challenge to finally get organized, write daily and build my blog and email list. My topic is applied mindfulness – learn and teach how to apply mindfulness to all aspect of life – mindful walking, mindful eating, mindful listening, and so on.
    One of my aims to to help entrepreneurs to combine mindfulness, exercise, positive psychology and journaling, which can help to set their lives on an upward spiral.
    The first step in this journey is to learn walking meditation / mindful walking (instead of sitting meditation), which can help to combine mindfulness and exercise. Thanks a ton and looking forward to the challenge.

  11. Thanks, John. I want to sharpen my focus on how I help people after they serve as the caregiver to a family member. The season of caregiving tends to rob people of hope. I want to help restore that lost hope, provide a compass to find their true north, and show them how to draw a map to get their.

    1. PURPOSE: I help caregivers restore their hope to live fulfilling lives, showing them how to align their internal compass to true north and draw a map that leads to their heart’s desires.

  12. Hi Everyone, I’m Ellen and I’ve been blogging since the beginning of January. I’m a Respiratory Therapist but my blog revolves around Tips For iOS. I’m definitely an Apple geek and many of my co-workers kept coming to me with their iPhone issues. So I decided to start a blog answering their questions and giving tips.

    I’ve been following John Meese for quite awhile now and love the new podcast. There is defintely some gold nuggets in the info. Thanks for doing this John!

  13. I’m a wife and mother who has been out of the work force for about thirteen years. I find the prerequisites and pre-prerequisites for a 50-something to get back in the job force to be daunting, so entrepreneurship is definitely on the table. (What? You mean I can just start by doing the work? As opposed to impressing the right gatekeepers?) I want to get out of debt, and figure out who I can best serve. I’ve set up a domain and WordPress, but have yet to write content. I’m hoping this challenge will point me in the right direction for my future.

    1. OK, so I came up with something even though I’m not really happy with it. My statement actually describes me more than it describes the overlap between passion, proficiency, and profitability:
      “I help the long term unemployed solve their money problems by helping them to become entrepreneurs.”

      1. That’s a great start, Laura! It sounds like the clarity you need is in the “Plan” section. More specifics there could tie your Purpose Statement back into the Passion + Proficiency + Profitability formula.

        1. I also want to expand the “long-term unemployed” group of people to anyone who feels like they would consider expanding their options past the 9-5 job lifestyle. I kind of want to use the term “misfit”, but I’m afraid that might sound offensive. BTW, I kind of went with this because it’s a problem that I have, so I figure it could be profitable. But if I’m preaching to the long term unemployed, I can’t see anything I sell being a big ticket item (but maybe can make up for it in volume ;)). It doesn’t necessarily match my skills or passions. It looks like my leadership strengths from the Strengths Finder test I took a long time ago all match traits for the “strategic leadership” model. I don’t know if I should consider that at all. I also don’t know if I really want to serve this group long term. I have more of a passion for motion design and animation, but I’m not particularly skillful at that, and it’s hard to make a living in it. (The one place where it might be reasonably doable is in web animation, but that’s more of a 9-to-5 job idea than a business one.)

  14. Hi all, I’m Rachel Meese. I have two primary goals for this challenge: first, to give myself some confidencece and ideas to monetize through my blog. Second, I hope to learn more about the behind the scenes of business and find ways to help John create content. I’m his biggest fan ????.

  15. Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a newly graduated health coach and am looking to hone in on my niche, build my list, and get super clear about the ins and outs of offering services and programs online.

  16. Thanks for offering this John. I’m a stay-at-home dad living with my family in Costa Rica. I have a vision of an online business that I’ve sat on for a few years but just a few months ago started to work toward making it a reality. I also want to build this business in order to replace my wife’s income so she has a choice to keep working for the love of it, or leave the workforce if she wants to.

    1. Purpose statements (yes 2!)
      1: I help hotel manager families manage work relocations in peace and use them as a catalyst for growth as individuals and in family relationships by offering practical planning tools for the tasks required for a relocation, as well as coaching to help the families grow and even thrive during and after the relocation.

      2: I help pedicab operators eliminate distracting activities in order to focus on the essential parts of their business, then help them run their business with excellence, which gives them the freedom to experience joy and extend that joy to their customers and others with whom they build business and personal relationships.

  17. I am a medical doctor and a marriage educator. I help newly wed Christian couples navigate the critical transition into married life. I recently started a 30 day blogging challenge earlier this month to enable me get back into the blogging groove, provide value for my readers, improve my writing skills and creativity and finally build a community. I think this challenge by John Meese will give me an accountability community. Thank you John!

    1. As a (relatively) newlywed myself, I can confirm that there is a need for a guide in that transition. Great topic for your blog, Enwongo! Glad you’re on board for this challenge.

  18. I’m an Engineer, entrepreneur-at-heart, and father of two. I hope this challenge will allow me to fulfill my dream of owning and running my own business by forcing my thoughts into action. The result of this journey should culminate in a successful online business with a following that can benefit from my expertise.

      1. I help students (8th grade to new college graduate) to identify options for college preparation, study skills, career planning, social awareness, and life choices; by providing sound planning and study solutions for extrance exams, social responsibility coaching, or career planning for each client in one one sessions.

  19. My name is Jack Gallaway and I hail from the Chicago area. I have led a men’s small group ministry for over twenty years and helped dozens of men clarify their goals, overcome habits, hurts and hang-ups that have been blocking their progress, and in the case of men who have achieved high goals already and are wondering “What’s next?”, to find balance and set new objectives. Along with this experience I have been studying with the American Association of Christian Counselors and have recently Board Certified as a Life Coach. This Blog-to-Business Challenge is perfectly timed in that I am considering the best way to launch the online portion of my business. Thank you John!

  20. My name is Jacob and I’m a video producer and photography at Arketype Inc, in Green Bay, WI. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my blog a strong side business for a few years now, but over the years many people have told me that I am good at helping other people discover their gifts and skills as human beings and how they can use them to their best ability. I don’t have a problem writing or creating content, but I do have a problem finding a focus and how to create a reliable business model with that, but I’m hoping the next 30 days can help me discover one. Hoping to target creatives that want to grow in their career and find fulfillment in what they do. Creating actionable steps and goals for them so they can see the same success I have had professionally. Seems to make the most sense.

    Anyways! Should be a good month!

    You can read my blog over at http://kineticbear.com

    1. Sounds like you have some great experience and a good idea of your target audience, Jacob. Let’s turn that into a business! May the challenge continue…

    2. People with creative professions have a hard time finding fulfillment in what they do, so I create honest content that helps them gain confidence in their own work and have a positive impact on others.

  21. I am Greg Wood, The EnterTrainer. I am a professional speaker and I blog at TheMagicOfLeadership.com. I work with organizations that want to Magically Grow Your Leadership so they can:
    Levitate Your Business, Make Profits Appear, and Watch Problems Vanish!

    I hope to blog every week and get some/any traffic to my site so that I can get more business as a speaker.

  22. I am Greg Wood, The EnterTrainer. I am a professional speaker and I blog at TheMagicOfLeadership.com. I work with organizations that want to Magically Grow Your Leadership so they can
    Levitate Your Business, Make Profits Appear, and Watch Problems Vanish!

  23. I’ve seen John Meese’s content in my inbox for many months now and wanted to finally take him up on this. I plan on building a business from this within the next 30days as well as join this community.

    1. I help small to medium sized home automation businesss grow to the next level by designing custom digital marketing plans to engage new customers excited about technology.

  24. My name is Leslie. I am new to blogging and have found that it is taking me a LOT of time to create my content! I have a goal of launching my blog no later than Nov. 7 so this challenge works great for me and I hope it will help speed up my process. I am creating the blog for the purpose of helping other women and was not even really focusing on earring an income, but I am quickly discovering that if I need a small income in order to support the costs of having the site. So my goals are to learn how to create content faster, learn more about blogging and to create a product that will bring in a little income to cover the costs of blogging. Thank you John for hosting this challenge!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Leslie. That’s a good point on the income subject! Even if you’re not ready to chase a full-time opportunity, a little income to offset the cost of a professional blog is super helpful.

  25. I’m a busy dad, high school teacher, military officer, online freelancer, productivity blogger (robbymiles.com), and soon to be Nozbe Ambassador. I’m really looking forward to this challenge. I’ve been trying to make my blog a business for a while (1-2 years), but am only getting so much traction. I keep trying to clarify my niche, but I feel more like a jack-of-all-trades. This challenge is just the kick in the pants I need to actually make a business happen. I know I can squeeze out at least 30 minutes each day! Thanks John.

    1. Awesome, so glad you’re a part of this challenge Robby! You’re involved with so many things already, so I’m honored you’re making time for this now.

    2. I help as busy people and small businesses owners learn the secrets to using Nozbe as the center of their digital productivity system by making it so simple they don’t have to think about it.

  26. I’m a blogger, teacher-at-heart, and family man. I’m hoping this challenge forces me to crystallize my thoughts and teaching on online business into an easy-to-follow system, and that this becomes a fun opportunity for us to build a community around the challenge!

    1. John – I have listened to your podcast for the past few weeks and appreciate your authenticity and direct approach. I look forward to this 30 day challenge. I own Michael Hyatt’s “Get Noticed” theme but have never been able to get it up in a way that I’m proud of. I really want to launch a blog, with some static pages as well as forms that can either be completed online or downloaded for completion. It sounds like this Challenge may help me head in the right direction… thanks!

    2. Hey guys, once you get to day six of the challenge you’ll draft your Purpose Statement. Here’s mine:

      I help new entrepreneurs with very busy lives solve their sense of overwhelm and frustration by equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to build an online business in just thirty minutes each day.

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