Episode 22: Writing About a Topic People Don’t Care About (Yet)

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, you’ll hear a recorded coaching call with Marion Brown where we walk through how to write about a topic people don’t care about (yet).

We dive into getting clarity on what problem your audience needs you to solve, how to apply that to your writing style, and what to expect when trying to educate your audience about your solution.

Episode Outline

In this recorded coaching call with Marion, you’ll learn:

  • The main takeaways from this recorded coaching call (which you can learn from too)
  • Marion’s transition from poor background to successful corporate career
  • What to do when your audience doesn’t know they have a problem yet
  • How to sell the solution to a problem and topic people don’t care about
  • Why Marion is asking questions about online business before even launching a website
  • Why studying for pre-college placement tests is much like the ‘birds & bees’ conversation
  • What to do when your product is for a different audience than your actual customers
  • How to react if your audience is still in the “Oblivious” or “Pondering” stage
  • Is it possible that there are people in your target audience who do care about your topic?
  • The difference between different WordPress Themes you can get from Notable Themes™
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Resources Mentioned

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