Episode 24: Don’t Let Technical Overwhelm Hold You Back from Success

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, you’ll hear a recorded coaching call with Jonelle Hilleary where we talk about how to avoid technical overwhelm when building a business online.

We dive into the trouble with multi-level marketing online, what setup to use for selling digital products, and how to use her existing expertise to launch a blog-based business.

Episode Outline

In this recorded coaching call with Jonelle, you’ll learn:

  • The main takeaways from this call (which you can learn from too)
  • How Jonelle got clarity on her target customer avatar with real people
  • What it means to pursue “no collar” rather than a blue or white collar audience
  • Why Jonelle considers her blog secondary to her website―and my thoughts on that
  • Should you use an all-in-one platform like Teachable instead of hosting courses yourself?
  • The reason I’m in the process of ditching my custom course platform completely
  • How to completely avoid technical overwhelm while you’re building a business online
  • What “PLR” is and why Jonelle is using those to get a head-start on her digital products
  • The danger of spending too much time & energy on planning instead of getting work done
  • How to use Teachable and Gumroad to sell eBooks and video courses side-by-side
  • The full tool setup I recommend you use for selling digital or physical products
  • When to use Shopify instead of Gumroad for selling your products online
  • The story behind how we created Project LAUNCH Bootcamp on live video
  • How I decided what topic to cover in my first successful online course
  • Why you should never start with the product in mind (and what to do first instead)
  • The “Employee Mode” mindset you have to get rid of to ensure your success
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