What I’m Up To These Days

I’m now 100% self-employed, for better and worse―which is not for the faint of heart (neither is marriage or raising a child).

If you haven’t read my about page yet, you may want to start there for an overview, but this page includes time-specific updates about what I’m up to right now.

I will do my best to update this page every month or so (last updated August 18, 2016).

Faith & Family

My wife (Rachel), infant son (Damien), and I live in Columbia, TN in a 3-bedroom rental home roughly 15 minutes from each set of now-grandparents.

It’s hard to believe Damien is about to turn one year old!

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Most of our life is now in and around Columbia, but we still go to St. Elizabeth’s Orthodox Christian Church in Murfreesboro, TN (about 45 minutes away).

My wife just started working part-time after a good hiatus with our son at home and we’ve found a good rhythm/balance of schedules that works well for all of us (plus nearby grandparents – a.k.a. babysitters).

Work Life & Schedule

Every morning, I wake up at the same time–6AM.

I’ve prepared my gym bag the night before, so I freshen up and head to the nearby Planet Fitness to meet up with my office-mate Danny at 6:30AM.

We follow a workout routine prescribed by our trainer, which varies but typically means we’re done and hitting the showers at 7:30AM.

Once I’m dressed and ready for the day, I head to my office (rented on the square in Columbia, TN) and check in at 8AM.

I make my breakfast smoothie then, and consume it while reading until 9AM when I start actual work.

I do my best to ignore all emails, Slack messages, and other distractions until lunch at 12PM so I can focus on creative work (currently a 60% success rate).

I eat lunch in the common room, and often take a quick nap before returning to work at 1PM.

At this point, I focus on customer support and client relations before jumping into whatever client- or team- related project is on my agenda for the day.

My current goal is to end my work day at 5PM, though I often stretch that to 5:30PM or 6PM.

Most nights I head straight home, where my wife and I eat dinner before playing with Damien, bathing him, and putting him to bed at 7:30PM.

That leaves Rachel and I a couple of hours to be grown-ups (read: eat ice cream or play video games) before winding down and going to bed at 10PM each night.

Building Things

I don’t really work with my hands much… unless you count typing.

I’m really excited about the long-term potential of Notable Themes, but that’s a slow-and-steady growth business.

I still need to finish redesigning my blog using Mentoris™ and upgrade existing content in The Centrifuge (our new learning center).

Learning Stuff

I’ve rebuilt the daily habit of reading every morning, and love it.

I regularly update what I’m currently reading on my Goodreads profile, which is mostly business stuff lately.

Three lessons I’ve recently learned about life:

  1. Simplicity beats systematization for as long as you can sustain it,
  2. Success requires definition, and you’ll need to revisit this every few months,
  3. Never start a 3-part list without knowing what #3 will be once your done.

Recent Changes

I’ve scaled back a lot of the work I would normally delegate to my team, because I realized that I was creating complexity that didn’t need to be there.

Now, my personal assistant helps with admin and I do almost everything else myself (except on specific projects where I can hire out pieces of the work, such as video editing).

It’s taking me some time to get in the right mindset to stay productive, but it’s where we need to be right now (I’m learning to remain more profit-focused).