Episode 15: The Fastest Way to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I talk about how get started on the Clarity coaching platform, and use that to establish your topic expertise.

Clarity.fm is a platform for experts to charge for advice by the minute, which handles all billing, scheduling, and even reviews for you.

Follow the advice in this episode to optimize your Clarity coaching profile and get started with paid coaching services right from the start.

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Episode Outline

  • Why coaching is the fastest way to get started with your online business right away 1:05
  • How coaching services give credibility to your content (whether or not clients pay) 1:45
  • The main reasons I recommend the Clarity.fm coaching platform 3:05
  • Danny’s initial experience using Clarity to hire experts to help his business 5:04
  • How Clarity makes money from you (even though you get their service for free) 6:30
  • Why you should verify your Clarity profile with various social media accounts 8:25
  • An example a “Value-Based Bio” that will convince your target clients to sign up 8:35
  • What people are wondering when they look at your coaching services page 9:25
  • One video technique to multiply your Clarity coaching conversions three times 10:05
  • The alternative to using the Clarity coaching platform (do this on your own) 11:42
  • The distinction between salesman and teacher that allows you to become a better coach 12:40
  • How to ethically promote your content, products, or premium services on Clarity.fm 13:30
  • The lowest rate you should charge for your time (plus where you should start) 14:40
  • Why it’s okay to charge more for coaching services than you would get at a full-time job 16:30
  • Clarity.fm’s “Expertise Listing” that lets you get super-specific with what you offer 17:08
  • The professional way to prepare for each coaching client using Clarity’s built-in chat 19:01
  • My “VIP” technique you can use to get coaching reviews before clients pay 20:20
  • What you should not be doing to get free reviews on Clarity (even though you could) 24:25
  • The people who don’t have to pay to talk to me―plus why I charge everyone else 26:35
  • Why I currently charge much less than I could for Clarity coaching sessions 28:40


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