Episode 21: Juggling Online Business with a Hectic Family Life

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, you’ll hear a recorded coaching call with Nancy Webster, who is struggling to prioritize her blog-based business with a hectic family life.

We dive into why it’s okay to launch your blog before it’s perfect, the fastest way to get started with a new WordPress blog, and what you should do if your name is already taken as a domain.

Episode Outline

In this recorded coaching call with Nancy, you’ll learn:

  • The main takeaways from this call for Nancy (which you can learn from too)
  • Why Nancy is so focused on growing her passive income for the sake of her family
  • How to make blogging a priority―even with a hectic family life at home
  • The downside to being a visionary, which you have to watch out for in the long run
  • How Nancy is already making money from network marketing without an active blog
  • Why it’s okay to launch a blog without everything being perfect or even complete
  • The best way to deal with technology overwhelm when you’re starting your blog
  • The benefits of using your name for your brand vs. a “company” name
  • What to do if your preferred “.com” domain name is already taken
  • The importance of clarity with your website’s prominent tagline
  • Two primary ways you can expect people to discover your website or blog
  • Can publishing a new ebook help you grow your business when just starting out?
  • How to deal with entering a niche where other bloggers are already writing
  • The “blogger’s beware” issue with creating content for niches focused on saving money
  • Why email still trumps social media, every single time (including specific stats)
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