Episode 9: How Fame, Freedom, and Fortune Drive You to Success (or Failure)

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I talk about the three common motivators behind starting an online business.

We discuss why it’s important to get clear on which motivators inspire you the most, and then set goals tied directly to those results. This keeps you going when the work gets tough and helps you better communicate with your spouse about your blog.

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Episode Outline

  • How fame, freedom, and fortune impact your climb to online business success 1:45
  • Some people aren’t uncomfortable with “fame”, but purpose and significance play their part 2:43
  • What it really means you want more people to hear your message online 4:18
  • The many different ways freedom plays a role in motivating online entrepreneurs 5:05
  • Why it’s okay to be motivated by fortune (a.k.a. money) with a completely clear conscience 6:45
  • If you’re motivated by the idea of security and better quality of life, here’s what that means 8:01
  • How chasing the wrong motivation factor messed up my leap to full-time entrepreneurship 9:05
  • The problem with goals tied to revenue when you don’t first get clear your why 9:40
  • My #1 motivation factor and what that means for my family, business, and life 10:30
  • Many people run themselves into the ground and die, chasing the wrong goal 12:10
  • How to work with your spouse to get clear on your motivations for building a business online 12:17
  • The “Perfect Day” exercise that Danny’s company uses to envision the future and set goals 12:55
  • You know what your motivations are in your heart of hearts, you just need to interpret it 16:15
  • Example goals for each motivation factor, so you can focus on what motivates you most 19:50

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