Episode 13: The Essential Software Every Blogger Needs to Succeed

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I give a rundown of the five essential software that every blogger needs to build a successful online business.

These tools include WordPress, Google Apps G Suite, ConvertKit, CoSchedule, and Slingshot―but you’ll also get an explanation of when you need each app, so you don’t buy all at once!

Episode Outline

  • Why I always recommend WordPress for blogging 2:05
  • The difference a quality theme makes on your WordPress experience 3:25
  • How web hosting today is actually a mind-boggling service 5:45
  • When it comes to backups, what’s the best way to keep your information safe 7:45
  • How to use Google’s enterprise software when you’re just starting out 8:55
  • The importance of setting your business up like a professional (even early on) 10:05
  • Your most effective method for avoiding the dreaded spam folder 13:10
  • The nerdiest (yet coolest) calendar app you could possibly use 16:45
  • The tool that acts as my strategic marketing brain online 18:10
  • What caused me to stop using Buffer completely in a day 20:00
  • Should you use CoSchedule if you’re just starting out? 20:53
  • The fastest way to plan your launch for any product or service 22:29
  • How to learn best-practice launch techniques without reading a dozen blog posts 23:30
  • The crazy 24-hour challenge that lead to creating SlingShot in a day 24:55

Resources Mentioned

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  • Hey John! I Love what you’ve done with your blog lately! Quick question: What plug in are you using to create the opt in box at the end of your posts? Thanks John!

    • Hey Patti! Believe it or not, I’m just using ConvertKit’s default optin form from there free WordPress plugin.

      • Oh really? I’m using Mailchimp, but I really like your opt-in at the end of each blog post. I’ll check out ConvertKit. Thank you John!

  • Jeff Van Meter

    So slingshot is currently closed. Do you have a back door or do I get on the wait list for a “special” promo?

    • Not yet, Jeff. But as long as you’re on my email list you should be good―we’re planning to do a Slingshot promotion in the Spring.

  • Dan K

    Hi John. I’m not really understanding the importance of getting G-Suite as a solo blogger. All the apps are already available for free. Is it just for the personalized email address?

    • The personalized email address is the big one for sure. It also helps to start treating your blog like a business with separate files, apps, and all that so as you scale collaboration is simple with adding users to your team. Also, you get more Google Drive storage on a G Suite account than a free Gmail account, I believe.