Episode 11: How Do I Get Subscribers from Social Media? (Q&A Episode)

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I answer listener questions related to building a blog-based online business.

We’ve got some great questions on audience surveys, growing an email list, and legal mumbo jumbo surrounding an online business. Listen in!

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Episode Outline

  • Ron Parks asks “What software should I use to survey my audience?” 1:17
  • How many questions to include in your reader survey 2:48
  • Kim Fredrickson asks “How do you use your social media following to grow your email list?” 5:35
  • Why every email optin has a real cost to your subscriber 7:32
  • How “Lead Generation Cards” help you get email subscribers on Twitter 8:10
  • The best ways to grow your email list from a Facebook audience 9:20
  • Jacob Clingan asks “What one piece of advice would you have for creating a revenue stream to go solo with my online business?” 10:25
  • What goals to set as you transition from day job to full-time with your online business 11:45
  • Jenelle Daniels asks “Is it better to set up an online shop via your own website or use a web-based tool like Gumroad?” 13:30
  • Why I believe Gumroad is the best of both worlds in digital commerce 14:45
  • The key difference between WordPress and other platforms like Squarespace and Shopify 16:25
  • Mike Lardi asks “How do you set yourself up for business legally?” 16:45
  • A sneak peak at what we’ll be talking about in next week’s episode 22:10

Resources Mentioned

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