Episode 25: Creating Multiple Digital Products for Your Target Audience

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, you’ll hear a recorded coaching call with Bryan Buckley where we talk about how to create a full suite of digital products for his target audience

We dive into different types of digital products, how to re-purpose existing content into multiple products, and what to do after getting over the first hump of online business success.

Episode Outline

In this recorded coaching call with Bryan, you’ll learn:

  • The main takeaways from this call (which you can learn from too)
  • Why Bryan is so passionate about helping leaders optimize their energy
  • The key difference between Bryan’s energy and exhaustion cycle
  • How to translate your core message into digital products for your audience
  • Bryan’s first experience with digital products and paid coaching
  • What to do with your recorded interviews once your summit is over
  • Why you should almost never offer your product for a lower price than your launch
  • The “tripwire” strategy I used to help a client passively make $1,000 in one day
  • What price-points you should target with your first handful of digital products
  • The reason that “Perfect Price Points” convert more sales even when they cost more
  • How you could introduce the “tripwire” strategy into your marketing strategy
  • Why I don’t recommend you start with a low-end product (start high instead)
  • A case study example of how Donald Miller teases his course with free content
  • What I mean when I suggest you build products that follow your customer’s journey
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Resources Mentioned

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