Episode 14: Why ConvertKit is The Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I compare ConvertKit to every other email marketing software to find the best option for professional bloggers.

In short, ConvertKit is incredibly easy-to-use for both serving and building your email list, but still has advanced tagging capabilities and automated email sequences.

Episode Outline

  • A look at the email marketing software we are comparing to ConvertKit 1:05
  • The situation where ConvertKit is your absolute best option (and when it’s not) 2:40
  • Why Nathan Barry is the perfect expert to create easy-to-use email marketing software 4:05
  • MailChimp’s advantage over most email marketing solutions 5:05
  • Why I do not recommend ActiveCampaign for email marketing if you’re a blogger 6:10
  • The steps you take to create a broadcast email with ConvertKit’s intuitive design 7:05
  • Tagging subscribers is your secret superpower―don’t miss out on this feature 7:50
  • How to identify your raving fans on an email list with ConvertKit’s tagging capabilities 9:01
  • The opt-out strategy I’m using to drastically decrease unsubscribes inside of ConvertKit 9:45
  • Send each email broadcast like you’re emailing a friend―here’s what that looks like 13:30
  • The prefix-based tagging system I use for every subscriber in my ConvertKit account 15:45
  • Why you need one core tool to both serve and build your email list (where most fall flat) 16:43
  • How ConvertKit’s WordPress plugin makes it incredibly easy to add optins to each post 17:50
  • The one move that made Danny’s blog feel “official” for the first time (using ConvertKit) 19:30
  • Examples of advanced forms that come with your ConvertKit account (free of charge) 20:05
  • The problem with using software that’s not built for bloggers―like Infusionsoft 21:00
  • When email automation is better than broadcasts (for you and your subscribers) 27:25
  • The summary of why ConvertKit is the best email marketing solution for bloggers 31:35
  • Does ConvertKit make sense for other businesses, if the focus is not on a blog? 33:07

Resources Mentioned

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  • Glenn Abadilla

    Hi John, thanks for the podcast! I’m always excited when you release a new episode. By the way, I got an idea for an episode you can make in the future. How about discussing the topic of buying too many shiny new products or training courses for your business? Recently, I’ve been tempted to buy a lot of training products for my new blog because of all the Black Friday promotions I’m getting on my inbox. They were offering massive discounts and tons of value. However, I didn’t end up buying any because I’m still in the early stages of my blog so I don’t need all of these products just yet. Plus I need to be careful with my spending since Christmas is just around the corner. Although the temptation was incredibly high, I had to control myself and think logically.

    Have you ever been in a situation like this before when you got started?

    I look forward to your next podcast!

    Glenn Abadilla
    Sydney Australia

    • Thanks for the kind words, Glenn! I’m so glad your enjoying the podcast (sidenote: have you left a review? That would help a lot).

      I have two rules for when to buy what, because I’m prone to shiny object syndrome myself:
      1. Invest 3% of my annual income into continuing education like courses & books (this comes from Bryan Tracy)
      2. Every tool must somehow pay for itself within the near future (if you won’t make money from the tool in the next 3 months, let it pass).

      I know it’s hard to pass up a solid offer, but you have to because there are just too many tools to buy―you can’t have them all.