Episode 20: My Mom is Launching a Blog for New Homeschoolers

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, you’ll hear a recorded coaching call with Alicia Meese (my mother), who is getting ready to launch a blog to help new homeschoolers.

We dive into getting clarity on your blog’s target audience, how that relates to your products & services, as well as the first steps you should take before you “launch” your blog to the world.

Episode Outline

In this recorded coaching call with Alicia, you’ll learn:

  • The main takeaways from this call for Alicia (which you can learn from too)
  • A quick backstory on my family, siblings, and how old I am (in case you didn’t know)
  • Why a blog-based business sounds appealing for a transition from stay-at-home mom
  • My mom’s questions about what she should do before “launching” her new blog
  • A look at how to clarify your blog’s target audience (in this case, “new homeschoolers”)
  • What I mean when I clarify my mom’s audience as reluctant new homeschoolers
  • Where my mom is right now in the Project LAUNCH Cycle
  • Two things you must change on your website before you launch your new blog
  • The best way to write your “About” page (and why it’s so incredibly important)
  • The questions people ask themselves subconsiously when they first visit your website
  • Why you should only talk about your problems in the past tense on your blog
  • How to construct your first blog post with a “quick win” for your audience
  • The difference between internal questions customers ask vs. what they actually search for
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