About Me & This Blog

Hi there! My name is John Meese, and this is my personal (and professional) blog.

I’m a husband, father, friend, and the full-time Dean of Platform University.

Hi, I'm John Meese!

I started blogging as a hobby in 2013, but over the next three years built a blog-based business that eventually became my full-time “job“.

In that time, I co-founded Notable Themes―a company that I later left to take on the full-time role of Brand Director & Dean for Platform University, working with Michael Hyatt.

I come alive when I’m helping new entrepreneurs start and grow an online business from scratch―which is now what I get to work on every day!

I live in Columbia (south of Nashville, TN) with my wife, and two children (both boys).

In life and business, I live by a simple motto:

Always Be Teaching

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